Introduction and selling points of Niseko Town

Agriculture in Niseko Town

The food is delicious! ~ Niseko brand in the whole country for now ~

About 200 farmers produce less than 3 billion yen from 2,000 ha field.
Crops to be harvested vary depending on the warmth of the agricultural period due to the inland climate, topography, variety of fields, etc.
The main crops are potato, rice, melon, asparagus, tomato, lily roots and so on. In particular, potatoes, melons, asparagus are famous for its good quality and taste.
Utilizing the characteristics of Niseko, we are advancing agriculture by improving profitability, promoting clean agriculture, supporting direct sales organizations, etc. in promoting agriculture.
In addition, by coordinating the power of each industry such as agriculture, tourism, commerce and industry, we are doing various activities such as events to circulate the regional economy.

Sightseeing and landscape of Niseko Town

Niseko is fun! it's beautiful! ~ Niseko Town as an International Resort ~

The Niseko area is designated as a national park, a national park, a year-round sightseeing resort area blessed with the natural scenery every season.
In the summer, experienced outdoor sports such as mountaineering, canoeing, rafting and the like, winter sports in the winter sports are thriving in the winter with world-class snow quality and large-scale ski resort.
In addition to the many distribution of hot springs with various spring quality, accommodation facilities such as hotels and individual pensions are enriched.
In 2003, the tourism association became a stock company for the first time in the whole country, and Niseko Resort Tourism Association Inc. was established. As a result, not only sightseeing information but also aggressive and flexible product development and business development are carried out, selling airline tickets and traveling business · agency business is also done.
The "Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance" was also enforced in 2004, and the landscape is protected by the participation of residents.

Niseko Town Culture

Cultural assets are also attractive!

The Arishima area located at the base of Mt. Yotei is an area known for the literary writer Takeshi Arishima of the Taisho era released free farms farmed by peasants for peasants. The spirit of "Mutual aid" which is the remains of Takeo's root is still rooted in the land of Niseko.
In commemoration of 100 years of Arishima Takeuro's birth, "Arishima Memorial Hall" was completed in the site of the Arima farm in Showa 52. Many people are coming as Niseko regional culture destinations.

The four seasons of Niseko

Due to the inland climate of the hilly basin, the average temperature may reach around 6.3 ° C and the winter's deepest snow cover may reach 2 m. In Niseko surrounded by spectacular nature, you can enjoy the seasonal scenery like Hokkaido.

Niseko Town administration (town development)

Niseko Town Basic Regulations of Community Development

The first nationwide self-government ordinance that was enforced in 2001. It is the basis of town planning for "information sharing" and "participation of residents", and is said to be a common rule and a constitution of the town. According to a survey conducted by the Cabinet Office in 2004, Niseko Town was ranked as the number one municipal government to refer to.

"Kira Kaido" (awarded the National Urban Landscape Award in Heisei 14)

Kira Kaido

Road 66 that runs through the city of Niseko, which was constructed when the Niseko Bridge was started. It is also said to be the beginning of Niseko Town residents' participation in the so-called hardware business. Residents along the line organized a council to set local landscape standards. The townspeople are still planting and managing flower beds.

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