Niseko Town Open Data

Open data is data that can be freely used freely by everyone, and can be used as a second machine and readable by both commercial and non-commercial use.

Use of open data

Niseko Town's open data can be used freely, whether commercial or non-commercial, by following the Niseko Town Open Data Terms of Use.
By downloading the data, you agree to the Niseko Town Open Data Terms of Use.
The contents of the Terms of Use are subject to change without notice if necessary. Please be sure to check the latest contents of the Terms of Use before using Open Data.
License follows Creative Commons License Indication 4.0 International.

Approach of Niseko Town

Niseko Town promotes publication from "recommendation data set" which the Japanese government recommends publication, and advances examination from thing which there was request from company and individual, thing agreeing with purpose of Niseko Town town development basics regulations I will go.

Open data published

Recommended data set
  • Niseko Town Designated Emergency Evacuation Site List (Including Designated Refuges / Welfare Shelters)

Open data release site

The open data of Niseko Town is published in "Hokkaido Open Data Portal".

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