Environmental Autonomy Conference Niseko Conference

Environmental Government Meeting The report of the Niseko Conference was completed.

At the Niseko Conference, on the theme of "Resident's strength", what is Residential strength? What role does the resident's power play in the community development? How will we improve the resident's ability? And so on were discussed.
We have completed the report which summarizes the announcement at the general assembly and panel discussion, so we hope to see it to many people.

Environment Local Government Meeting Thank you for your participation and cooperation at the Niseko Conference.

"The 22nd Environmental Council Meeting Niseko Conference" was held over the three days of May 22, 23, 24th.

The environment itself Started to participate in the conference Niseko Conference

We will inform you from many hearts that many people from across the country can participate in this conference.
Please refer to the following for guidance and application of participation.
  • Application reception has ended.

Environmental Autonomy Conference Niseko Conference

The Environment Local Governing Council is comprised of municipalities nationwide actively engaged in environmental policies and conducts annual environmental policy promotion through information sharing among local governments and organizations.
The 22nd Environmental Local Government Meeting held in 2014 will be held on May 22 (Thu.), 23 (Fri.) and 24 (Sat.) for three days, "Regional Creation by Residents and Rethinking the Future-Resort The theme of this event will be held in Niseko Town with the theme of "What is passed down from the land and Niseko?"
We look forward to Niseko Town looking forward to discussing the environment with everyone from all over the country and discussing and exchanging opinions with people from all fields and positions.

Program (draft)

As of November 25, 2013

The first day of May 22 (Thursday) Plenary Session Niseko Town people Center
11: 00 reception start
13:00 Opening Ceremony
13: 30 Keynote lecture "Recommendation of environmental policy implemented with the power of residents (tentative name)"
14:30 break
14:45 raising the issue of the Niseko Conference (Panel Discussion)
End of 16: 30
17:00 Local Environmental conference the General Assembly [member municipalities only]Niseko Town residents Center training room
19:00 Social gathering 【Member localities only】 Hotel Hilton Niseko Village

Day 2 May 23 (Fri) Subcommittee venues
8:30 Start of reception of the session committee
Partial meeting started at 9:00 AM
12:00 Lunch (each venue)
13:00 Partial committee meeting in the afternoon starts
16:30 End of the whole session
18: 00 exchange party (townspeople center big hall)
20: 00 Conference end


1Public sector environmental consideration9:00~12:002nd Government Building Large Conference Room (Board of Students Only)
2energy9:00~12:00Trainee 's Office 1 (School Science and FW)
3水環境9:00~12:00Trainee 's Office 2 (School Science and FW)
4Biodiversity · Environmental learning · Regional collaboration9:00~12:00The townspeople center big hall (seat and FW)
5Waste resource recycling9:00~12:00Small Hall (Town and Study)
6Regional Resource Utilization Type Town Planning9:00~16:30Niseko Ekimae Onsen Kirara Hot Set (FW only)
7Environmental administration13:00~16:302nd Government Building Large Conference Room (Board of Students Only)
8Biodiversity / regional collaboration13:00~16:30Small Hall (Town Hall)
9Transport city base13:00~16:30Trainee 's Office 1 (Seat only)
10Regional Resource Utilization Type Town Planning13:00~16:30Train station 2 for town residents (FW and school)
Day 3 May 24 (Saturday) Plenary Session Niseko Town people Center
9:00 reception start
9: 30 General Assembly Meeting of Environment Local Governing Council
9: 40 Environmental Council Meeting Niseko Conference Result Report
10: 00 Panel Discussion Based on the Result Report
Mr. Takeshi Nakaguchi, Coordinator Environmental Autonomy Conference Secretary General
11: 30 Niseko Conference Declaration Adopted
11:50 The next venue greetings
12:00 closing
12: 15 Optional Tour (hosted by Niseko Resort Tourist Association)
【Registration fee】 (It is participation fee per person)
· Participation from member local governments 20,000 yen · General participation from outside the city 20,000 yen
· General participation from Hokkaido 3,000 yen (Separate luncheon lunch 1,000 yen, exchange fee 5,000 yen separately)
· If you wish for lunch on day 1, we will prepare a box lunch separately at 1,000 yen.
Formal applications are planned around the end of March.

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