Public Relations Niseko February issue [No. 742] Text version

Special feature: Exploring Niseko for adults!

Tourist spot Niseko. There are a variety of businesses, and there are many stylish and attractive stores.
On the other hand, it has been pointed out that there is little contact between tourism and the lives of townspeople, and that townspeople do not feel the benefits of tourism.
Did you know that a local business operator is holding a mini-course called ``Exploring Niseko for Adults!'' for local people?
If you think it looks interesting, why not join us? This is your chance to hear directly from a professional shop owner.
You may discover Niseko's charms and discoveries that you didn't know about.

What is “Adult Niseko Exploration!”
Organized by Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this is a small-group mini-course where you can experience flower arranging, coffee drip experience, factory tours, etc., with business owners in the town serving as instructors.
This initiative was inspired by the "Machi Seminar" study session hosted by Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry in February 2020.
``Town seminars'' are ``town seminars'' where store staff serve as instructors and teach residents and visitors the wealth of knowledge and techniques they have cultivated over many years.
The rules include that only a few people can take part in a course, that there are no fees other than the cost of materials, and that there is no selling or solicitation of products. The idea of steadily working to create fans for the store through seminars has attracted attention, and the seminars are now held in more than 160 locations nationwide, with successful results in Otaru, Asahikawa, and other locations in Hokkaido.
Niseko Town is characterized by the relatively large number and variety of shops, the fact that they are scattered not only in urban areas and resort areas, and the fact that there are many new businesses, such as those who have immigrated to the area and started their own businesses. . Therefore, last year, Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry started ``Exploring Niseko for Adults!'', an arrangement of town seminars, in order to provide residents with an opportunity to easily connect with business operators. As of January 2024, the 5th event is being held.

1st (2022)
[Date and time] September 15th to October 14th
[Participating stores and contents]
・Flower Shop Nonno (flower arrangements suitable for autumn)
・Chez Doudou (chicken breast cooking class)
・Oka Beauty Salon (Yukata dressing class)
・Cafe & Small Inn Nodoka (coffee drinking comparison)
・Maitorie (about raw materials for sweets)
・Honda Coffee Shop (trivia about coffee beans)
・Teppanyaki days (basic course on opening a restaurant at events, festivals, and special events)
・Niseko Takahashi Farm Cacao Crown (from cacao beans to chocolate)
・Niseko Takahashi Farm (about robot cowshed and milking)

2nd time (2023)
[Date and time] January 1st to January 31st
[Participating stores and contents]
・Healthy Exercise Class Hello Friends Inoa Arishima Studio (Healthy Exercises)
・UISGE (Beautiful presentation methods that can be done at home)
・Cafe & Small Inn Nodoka (coffee drinking comparison)
・Flower Shop Nonno (Arrangement with spring flowers)
・Park Front Law Office (Learning about wills and inheritance from the Sazae family)
・Our Glass (Healthy Bathing Course)
・Honda Coffee Shop (About the taste characteristics of various coffee equipment)
・Kawanishi Glass (writing experience using glass pen, special ink, and paper)

3rd time (2023)
[Date and time] September 20th - October 20th
[Participating stores and contents]
・Niseko Distillery (Learn about the whiskey and gin manufacturing process)
・Niseko Takahashi Farm PRATIVO (Spice & Authentic Keema Curry Course)
・Flower Shop Nonno (autumn swag making/wreath making)
・UISGE (Beautiful presentation methods that can be done at home)
・Cafe & small inn Nodoka (first latte art experience)
・Chez Doudou (chicken breast cooking class)
・Oka Beauty Salon (Yukata dressing class)
・Honda Coffee Shop (We will answer any questions you may have about coffee!)

4th time (2023)
[Date and time] November 10th to December 10th
[Participating stores and contents]
*Contents are listed only for stores participating for the first time.
・Kubon-style Niseko classroom (adults can also re-learn)
・Sabou Nupuri (espresso extraction and latte art experience)
・ICOR NISEKO (pressing pressure point care during winter confinement)
・Niseko Epic Snow School (fun ski lessons for parents and children)
・Flower Shop Nonno
・Honda Coffee Shop
・Niseko Takahashi Farm PRATIVO
・Niseko Takahashi Farm Cacao Crown
・Cafe & small inn Nodoka
・Niseko Distillery

“Niseko exploration for adults!” Participant trends
Source: Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Participant satisfaction
Very satisfied 89%
Satisfied 11%
Neither Agree Nor Disagree

An example of a participant's voice
・Easy to understand due to small number of participants
・I had fun learning
・I discovered something new about my hometown
Source: Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr. Takayuki Ichihashi
(Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Management Instructor)

``Niseko Exploration for Adults!'' not only has a very high level of participant satisfaction, but is also well received by the host businesses.
Niseko Town has a large number of immigrants and relatively new businesses, so I hope that through this mini-course you will be able to learn about the appeal of the shops and shop owners, and build good relationships between customers and businesses. .

Introducing some of the 5th "Adult Niseko Explorations!" (January 1st to February 10th, 2024)!

Hot dishes you can make at home

On January 9th, a mini-course on ``Hot dishes you can make at home'' was held at UISGE.
On this day, we learned two dishes: one using white fish and one using chicken breast.
Both can be prepared in one pot and use local vegetables and readily available ingredients.
With just a few tips, you can create surprisingly delicious dishes.

“I want people to feel something more than just delicious food.”

For a long time, I wanted to make Ushuk more than just a restaurant, but a place where I could also hold cooking classes for local people.
Therefore, when I was approached by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I thought it was a great opportunity.
I think it's important that the food not only tastes good, but that the people who come to the restaurant feel something when they eat it.
This event is a very meaningful and fun time for me as I get to hear directly from the participants.

Manabu Ogawa (UISGE)

Bat orchid board

On January 12th, Flower Shop Nonno held a "bat orchid boarding" event at the town center.
Cover the area around the bat orchid with wet moss and tie it to a board with wire to prevent it from falling.
The instructor taught me how to raise the growth point of the bat orchid, and it was completed in no time.
Participants looked at the boards they had made and got to know each other better.

"This is a course where you can interact with people, touch plants, and get energized."

As a director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I was one of the people involved in planning this event, so I have been actively holding the lectures since the first time.
I hope this course will be attended by people who cannot be reached through social media.
There are many repeat visitors, and those who wish to participate will frequently check the promotional inserts and flyers placed in stores to participate.
It is also recommended for people who have not been able to go outside due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Meeting and talking with other participants will help you feel energized, and touching the plants while making them will refresh your senses.

Nozomi Kuwasoe (Flower Shop Nonno)

Tips to make your home coffee more enjoyable and delicious

On January 18th, ``Tips to make home coffee more fun and delicious'' was held at Honda Coffee Shop.
After learning about the origins of coffee beans and their flavor trends, the students actually tasted coffee and enjoyed the differences between light roast and dark roast.
Because the number of participants was small, I was able to receive almost one-on-one instruction on brewing temperatures, extraction methods, etc.

“I would be happy if people knew my favorite taste.”

We hold courses because we want to understand the needs of coffee lovers, such as what they want to know and what grade of coffee they want to purchase.
The fact that a shop I knew was participating was also a big boost.
This event is also helpful for me because I can actually hear the voices of the participants.
I would be happy if this course helped people learn about their own tastes and found our coffee delicious, and I would be even happier if that led them to purchase it.

Mr. Toshihiko Honda (Honda Coffee Shop)

There's still time! February course information
Unique courses such as snow removal experience and junior high school mathematics are also planned.
To apply, please contact each store directly as soon as possible. For courses that have a material fee, please pay at the store on the day.

Let's try snow removal work!
Participants will experience snow removal and removal work by riding a rotary snowplow, tire shovel, dump truck, etc.

When February 1st (Thursday), February 8th (Thursday)
All dates are from 12:45 to 14:30.Date may change due to business (weather) circumstances.
Tokoro Makino Industries

■Capacity/5 people
■Lecturer/Masayuki Makino
■What to bring/none
■Application destination/
Makino Kogyo Niseko Town Satomi 61-1 Closed Saturdays and Sundays

Warm Western dishes you can make at home
We will teach you how to cook simple Western food in a short time using ingredients you have at home and local vegetables.
Of course there will also be tastings!

Time: February 6th (Tuesday) 12:00-13:30
Tokoro Ushuk

■Capacity/6 people
From adults to children, regardless of gender
■Cost/500 yen
■Lecturer/Manabu Ogawa
■What to bring/memo pad, pen
Telephone reception is from 10:00 to 11:30 or from 15:00 to 17:00 (excluding regular holidays)

Let's experience junior high school math for adults!
After the diagnostic test, we experienced junior high school mathematics.
I'll help you figure it out.

Time February 10th (Sat) 10:30-12:00
Tokoro Niseko Town Center

■Capacity/4 people
■Lecturer/Junko Okubo
■What to bring/writing utensils
Telephone reception is from 9:00 to 19:00
Kumon Style Niseko Classroom Niseko Town Center

Learn about the whiskey and gin production process
After being guided through the manufacturing process of whiskey and gin, we will sample three types (malt whiskey new pot, gin, and Uonuma whiskey) and choose from the bar menu.
Enjoy a cocktail of your choice.

Time February 7th (Wednesday) 11:30-12:30
Place Niseko Distillery

■Capacity/8 people
■Lecturer/Distillery exclusive guide
■Costs/things to bring/none
又は FAX:0136-55-6433
Telephone reception is from 10:00 to 17:00
Niseko Distillery Niseko Town Niseko 478-15 Closed None

~Petit drip experience~Hand drip
Would you like to try a hand drip experience using our original blend-style beans?
You can brew your own coffee and take it home with you.

Time: February 6th (Tuesday) 14:30-15:30
Tokoro Cafe & Small Inn Nodoka

■Capacity/3 people
■Lecturer/Hiroshi Takahashi
■What to bring/none
Telephone reception is from 10:00 to 15:30 (excluding Wednesdays and Thursdays)
Cafe & Small Inn Nodoka Niseko Town Soga 370-4 Closed Wednesdays and Thursdays

Town development lecture meeting held

Every year, the town holds a ``town development roundtable'' held at local community centers and other venues to exchange opinions on town development with town residents.
This month, we will introduce the main points from the exchange of opinions at the conference held from November to December last year.

●Event period: November 27th to December 8th, 2023
●Number of events: 14 times (held in various areas within the town)
●Total number of participants: 109 people
●Opinions/requests received/228

Demand bus

from the participants
・Inconvenient because the Niseko bus frequency has been reduced. It would be helpful if the demand bus went to Kutchan.
I think it would be convenient if the number of demand buses increased.
・Especially in winter, many tourists and employees use demand buses, so locals rarely use them.
I think the town needs three demand buses, but adding one would cost about 14 million yen. In addition, bus companies say that a shortage of crew members is a problem. On the other hand, there is an argument that it is more efficient to distribute taxi tickets than to increase the number of demand buses.
There is also a shortage of taxi drivers.
In the future, we will also consider ways to update the demand bus system.


from the participants
- School lunches are free for the third child and above, but I would like to see school lunches for all children free. You don't have to make everything free from the beginning, you can start by increasing it to half the price, then one-third of the price.
・I am worried that the quality of school lunches will decline if they become free of charge. School lunches in Niseko Town are very good, so I would be happy if they could make them free without lowering the quality.
from town
We would like to make school lunches free in the future, so we will consider this. In this case, ensure that the quality of school lunches is not compromised.

Niseko High School

from the participants
・I heard that Niseko High School will be recruiting from all over the country, but I think they should aim for the high school that local kids want to attend.
from town
The more specialized high schools become, the narrower the field becomes, so we are switching to general courses that allow students to learn to meet their diverse career needs.
Currently, the high school is actively promoting reforms. An ``English Village'' (tentative name) is also planned to be established, where local children and residents can interact and engage in hands-on activities while using English.
from the participants
・Is Niseko High School a 4-year system, what is the admission rate, and how many students come from far away?
◇From town
Most students graduate in three years, but those who wish to pursue an internship abroad can advance to their fourth year.
The rate of students going on to higher education at Niseko High School is 40%, and 60% of them find employment. Starting with next year's student recruitment, the school will be able to accept students from outside Hokkaido, and will be able to accept up to 30% of the 40 students per grade.

Commerce and industry tourism

from the participants
・There are few shops on Kirakaido, and there is no liveliness. Why not give priority to people who live on Kirakaido to live in Niseko Mirai (SDGs block), and consider renting it out to young people who want to run shops?
from town
Kirakaido is characterized by its combination of shops and residences, and continues to be inhabited by people. If I can find a place to move to, I would like to be able to rent out the shop to someone who wants to move in and move in.
I think there is a possibility that if there is even one example of people relocating, and if they find out that their new home is warmer and more comfortable, and that it is easier to remove snow, the situation could spread.
from the participants
・Prices for restaurants and day trip baths in the Niseko area are high.
All items are priced to suit foreigners, making it difficult for Japanese people to purchase them.
from town
When it comes to ski lift tickets, locals are offering discounts and town support to make lift tickets cheaper for children.
Although the town cannot support restaurants, it would like to see prices reduced a little.

Townmen's sports festival

from the participants
・Many people find it a burden to participate in community sports days and sports days organized by neighborhood associations.
I would like them to change the way they do it so that everyone can enjoy it, so that people in the community who want to participate can participate.
I would like to see a change in the regional competition system itself.
from town
In the past, there was discussion about discontinuing the sports day itself or holding it every other year, but there was a lot of opinion that it would be better to continue the event, and that's why it was continued.
The Fureai Town Sports Day is a place for local interaction, so I hope we can come up with a way to keep it going while everyone has fun.

Neighborhood association

from the participants
・As a group leader, distributing PR materials is a big burden. Is it possible to digitize public relations or outsource distribution to a private posting company?
from town
If possible, I would like PR distribution to be a place to connect with local people. If the work is outsourced to the private sector, there will be less communication with the local community.
In order to reduce the workload of group leaders, starting in October, the town hall has been working to incorporate leaflets distributed to households into public relations materials.
In addition, the public relations magazine can be viewed on the homepage, and the publication is announced on the town's official LINE, but in the future we would like to proceed with DX conversion and consider digitizing it, including the budget explanation.
from the participants
・The number of people joining neighborhood associations is decreasing rapidly, and it is difficult to reach out to new people. What kind of support does the town offer to encourage people to join neighborhood associations?
from town
When new residents move in, they are directed to the neighborhood association in the area and told to join. We really want all households to join neighborhood associations, but the number of people who don't join is increasing these days, so it's difficult to do so.
For garbage stations that are also used by non-members of the neighborhood association, the district is provided with operating fees based on the number of people who actually use the station, rather than the number of members who are members of the neighborhood association.

agricultural water

from the participants
-Water rights were renewed this time, and the agricultural cooperative took the lead in updating the current status with all executives pooling money together. Due to the national farmland reorganization project, the next update will require a review of the area, water volume, etc., which will likely cost a considerable amount of money.
The next renewal will be a good opportunity, so it would be better for agricultural cooperatives, governments, and farmers to discuss and acquire water rights in a proper manner.
from town
Irrigation associations are considering and responding to each district with the future in mind. I would like to create a place for discussion with agricultural cooperatives. I also want to collect information at the town hall.
Regarding the renewal of water rights for rice fields, the area of rice fields will be consolidated upon completion of the national project. For this reason, when renewing water rights last year, it was approved as a simple renewal, but the condition is that an application for changes such as area can be made in conjunction with the completion of the national project.

General plan

from the participants
・I want you to proceed with creating a place to stay. I want a place where everyone from children to the elderly can easily go out and chat, and where everyone from children to the elderly can gather. It would be great to have a place where people can easily gather along Kirakaido Road or in each district, using existing buildings.
from town
The community center's Fureai salon has been open to the public since the center opened, and anyone can use it at any time without having to lock it and make a reservation. We would also like you to use the free space in the central warehouse group and the town hall.
There are cases in Motomachi where former shops have been opened to the public, and we will continue to collect information on whether such places can be opened in each district.

Basic Environment Plan

from the participants
・This year, algae was growing in agricultural water. This has never happened before.
It is unclear whether this is due to higher temperatures or the effects of development near the water intake source. Does the town conduct river water quality surveys and understand the current situation?
from town
Regarding agricultural water, we do not conduct water quality surveys or understand the current situation. Water quality is an important element of the environment, so all townspeople need to think about it. I would like to include such things in the basic environmental plan.
■問合せ/企画環境課広報広聴係  TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=大野・青木

Thinking about the future of Niseko Town

We are looking for opinions on the 6th Comprehensive Plan!

This fiscal year, Niseko Town has held council meetings and workshops to develop the 6th Comprehensive Plan (planning period: 2024-2035), which is the top of all the town's plans.
Public comments will be solicited starting February 10th. During the public comment period, we will also be holding a community development seminar, so please come and give us your opinions.
■Inquiries/Planning and Environment Division Management Planning Section Person in charge: Ohno, Yoshida, Sasaki

Background and purpose

The town has so far formulated a comprehensive plan spanning five periods as the town's top plan, setting guidelines and measures for town development, and promoting various measures. The "Fifth Comprehensive Plan" (FY2012-FY2023) has the basic philosophy of "Environmentally Creative City Niseko" and has promoted town development over the past 12 years while maximizing the natural environment and other local resources. I'm here.
In the future, social conditions, economic conditions, and science and technology will continue to change significantly, and values, lifestyles, and communities will become more diverse, and Niseko Town will also experience a variety of changes in industrial structure, work styles, education, transportation, medical care, welfare services, etc. It is expected that changes will become apparent in this field.
In the 6th Comprehensive Plan, in order to respond flexibly to changes over the next 12 years, townspeople and the government will cooperate more than ever to promote information sharing and town development with resident participation based on the "Niseko Town Basic Ordinance for Town Development" I will continue to do so.

Formulation process

In formulating the 6th Comprehensive Plan, we conducted a survey of 1,500 town residents last year. This year, we have held four council meetings. In addition, we held workshops for adults and children, where we discussed ``things we want to change'' and ``things we should continue to protect without changing'' for Niseko Town 12 years from now.
At the town development meeting, we explained the comprehensive plan at 14 locations in the town and received opinions.

Future plans

The final episode will be on Friday, February 9th.
The 5th council meeting will be held and the basic philosophy will be determined. After receiving public comments, we will submit the bill to the assembly in March, and once it is approved by the assembly, we will proceed with town development towards 2035 based on the 6th Comprehensive Plan from next fiscal year.

Progress so far

Period Contents
December-January 2022: Survey conducted among 1,500 town residents
February 2023 6th Comprehensive Planning Council member recruitment → Council member selection
April 25th 1st 6th Comprehensive Planning Council
June 1st Published in the June issue of Public Relations Niseko “Town Development Information Room”
June 15th 2nd 6th Comprehensive Planning Council
July 13th Workshop for adults (35 participants)
August 4th Workshop for children (11 participants)
October 2nd 3rd 6th Comprehensive Planning Council
November 1 Published in the November issue of Public Relations Niseko “Town Development Information Room”
November-December Town Development Conference (14 explanations in each district)
December 8th: Explanation of policy issues to town council members
December 15th 4th 6th Comprehensive Planning Council

Basic philosophy (Niseko Town 's vision in 2035) and five basic goals

Basic principles discussed at the 5th council meeting

Basic goal
Basic goal 1: Protect Niseko’s natural environment
Basic goal 2: Let's all help each other and connect to the future
Basic goal 3: Circulate Niseko's economy
Basic goal 4: Improve safety, security, and ease of living
Basic goal 5: Build a town together

Related fields
Environment Resort development
Childcare support Education/Culture/Sports
Agriculture, forestry, commerce and tourism
Road/snow removal
Resident participation/district activities
Gender Equality
town finances

Main measures to achieve goals
●Consideration of grand design regarding land, environment, and landscape
●Protection of water resources
●Promotion of zero carbon initiatives
●Forest protection

●Childcare support
●Enhancing nature experience activities
●Promotion of English education
●New Niseko High School reforms that foster civic pride
●Development of sports facility environment
●Developing lifelong learning leaders

●Creating a system that circulates the economy
●Secure workers and improve working environment
●Support for diverse challenges
●Improve the value of the Niseko brand

●Promoting the development of an appropriate medical care provision system and efforts for prevention
●Promoting efforts to realize a community-based society
●Creating a city that is resilient to disasters
●Enhancing local public transportation

●Promotion of community activities
●Formation of a multicultural society
●Promoting gender equality initiatives
●Inheriting the idea of mutual aid
●Improve the value of the Niseko brand

We will be holding a community development lecture!
■Date and time: “1” February 13th (Tuesday) 2:00 p.m.
"2" February 13th (Tuesday) 6:00 p.m.
■Location/“1” Town Hall Multipurpose Hall
"2" Townsman Center Training Room
*Held twice with the same content. ``2'' is held jointly with the Basic Environmental Plan.
■Content/・What Niseko Town aims to be in 2035
・Questions and answers/opinion exchange

We are looking for public comments!
■Recruitment period: February 10th (Sat) - February 25th (Sun)
■Where to view materials/In addition to the town homepage,
Town Hall Planning and Environment Division counter, learning exchange center “Asobook”
■Where to submit and how to submit/In addition to direct submission to the Corporate Planning Section of the Planning and Environment Division, applications are accepted by mail, email, or fax.

Let us know what you think!

Towards the formulation of the 3rd Niseko Town Environmental Basic Plan
Niseko Town will hold public comments in February with the aim of formulating the 3rd Niseko Town Environmental Basic Plan by the end of March 2024. Here, we will provide an excerpt of the plan.
■Inquiries/ Eco-Model City Promotion Section, Planning and Environment Division Person in charge: Hasebe, Nagasawa

Background and purpose

The town pays close attention to the fact that local industries and lifestyles have been supported by rivers and underground water, and aims to protect and nurture the natural ecology and local living culture, with a focus on preserving the water environment, and to achieve sustainable development into the future. For this purpose, we formulated the ``First Basic Environmental Plan'' in March 2001.
In recent years, the environment surrounding the environment has changed significantly, including the realization of the international goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the nationally advocated "Regional Circulating and Ecological Sphere," as well as the creation of a decarbonized society and climate change. There is a need to respond to new environmental issues, such as adapting to change, countering marine plastics, and reducing food loss.
As the social situation surrounding the environment is undergoing major changes, 12 years have passed since the formulation of the Second Basic Environmental Plan, and the plan period will end in 2023. Based on the current environmental situation and issues in the area, we will formulate the ``Third Environmental Basic Plan'' in order to proceed with future initiatives.

Plan period

The action period for this plan is 12 years, starting from 2024 (Reiwa 6) and ending in 2035 (Reiwa 17).
However, as the environmental situation changes significantly due to social trends and technological innovations, this plan will be reviewed as necessary during the action period to ensure that it remains current with the times.

Period of basic environmental plan

April 2024 (April 2024) March 2020 (March 2036)

Niseko Town Environmental Basic Plan
FY2012 -2023

Niseko Town Environmental Basic Plan
FY2020 to FY2020

Niseko Town Environmental Basic Plan
From FY 2020 (from FY 2036)

Environmental education/information field
We will work to enhance opportunities for environmental education and learning for all generations, from children to adults, so that town residents can become interested in the environment and raise their awareness of environmental considerations.
〇Enhancing environmental education and learning
〇Enhancing environmental information and disseminating it appropriately
〇Establishment of a system for environmental conservation

Living environment field
In order to protect the natural-rich cityscape, we will work to create a living environment that is in harmony with nature, such as preserving the natural landscape and promoting environmental beautification.
〇Conservation and formation of natural landscape and beautification of town
〇Maintenance of the familiar environment such as water, air, noise, etc.
〇Proper separation and treatment of waste
〇Response to hazardous chemical substances, etc.
〇 Healthy and high quality living environment/lifestyle transformation

Natural environment field
We will work to preserve biodiversity, water, and greenery in order to protect the rich natural environment that supports the town, such as the Shiribetsu River and Mt. Yotei, and pass it on to the future.
〇Conservation and restoration of the waterside environment
〇 Forest conservation and regeneration measures
〇Conservation of biodiversity and coexistence with wildlife
〇Agricultural land conservation
〇 Promoting proper use and understanding of natural environmental resources

Decarbonization field
In order to realize a decarbonized society, we will work on energy conservation and the use of renewable energy, as well as decarbonizing the city itself, including transportation and urban structure.
〇Promotion of energy conservation
〇 Utilization of renewable energy
〇 Utilization of next-generation technology
〇Promotion of carbon-free town development
〇Climate change countermeasures

Formulation process
In formulating the Third Environmental Basic Plan, we held a total of three environmental council meetings.
The council was made up of eight people, including experts, lodging operators in the town, and members of the public recruitment committee, and they exchanged opinions from a wide range of perspectives regarding the current situation and issues surrounding Niseko Town 's environment.
Public Comments We welcome your opinions.
■Recruitment period: February 9th (Friday) to February 25th (Sunday)
■Where to view materials: In addition to the town homepage, the Town Hall Planning and Environment Division counter, the learning exchange center "Aso Book"
■Where to submit and how to submit: In addition to direct submission to Eco-Model City Promotion Section, Planning and Environment Division, submissions are accepted by mail, email, or fax.
email :
FAX 0136- 44 -3500

Topic of town

みなさんの地域や職場の話題などありましたら、広報担当(TEL 0136-44-2121)までお気軽にご連絡ください。

Reiwa 6 20-year-old gathering full of smiles at reunion after a long time

The Board of Education held a ``20-Year-Old Gathering'' at the Town Citizen Center on January 7th, and 34 people participated.
Those who turned 20 this year were born between April 2003 and March 2004.
The host was Mana Kobayashi from Radio Niseko, and there were performances by Hiroko Shikauchi (piano) and Rie Ohashi (violin), who are active mainly in the Niseko area. Nostalgic school songs and songs most requested by 20-year-olds were played.
After the ceremony, the students, dressed in kimonos and suits, deepened their relationships by taking photos with classmates who had reunited with them for the first time in a while and reporting on their current status.

Attend the ceremony with a serious expression

Commemorative photo with friends

Congratulations on turning 20!

Clean energy for everyone Minecraft Cup National Tournament Excellence Award

Aiwa Hasegawa (9), who attends an international school, won the Excellence Award at the Hokkaido and overseas block qualifying rounds at the 2023 Educational Minecraft Cup National Tournament.
The theme of the town Mr. Hasegawa created is ``a sustainable society where everyone can live healthy and safe lives.'' The award was given to creative works that passed the preliminary rounds from all over the world.

Announcing the importance of the environment to the world

NISEKO Christmas with local high school students and businesses

On December 17th, a Christmas event co-sponsored by the Community Revitalization Cooperation Volunteers and the Coordinator for International Relations was held at the Town Citizens Center. Although the first-year members were living in an unfamiliar winter environment, they worked together with their senior members to plan and prepare.
On the day of the event, the town center's large and small halls were filled with people who were looking forward to it! Cheers echoed throughout the venue.

Yes, Pose with Nikki Anicki!

Niseko Town DX Fellow Commissioned to Realize DX

On December 18th, the town commissioned Yasuhisa Koide, a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at Tohoku University and a visiting professor at Osaka Kyoiku University, as a Niseko Town DX Fellow.
Niseko Town DX Fellows will provide support and advice regarding digitalization and DX promotion based on their specialized knowledge and experience. The town will continue to promote DX in the future.

The commission period is from 2023 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020.

Tourism hospitality letter of appreciation ceremony in recognition of efforts for tourism promotion

On December 18th, a ceremony was held at the Niseko Central Warehouse Group to convey the Governor's Letter of Appreciation to Tourism Hospitality Practitioners, and the letter of appreciation was presented to Koichi Shijo of the Niseko Resort Tourism Association Co., Ltd. As the manager of the roadside station Niseko View Plaza, Mr. Shijo has played the role of supporting the roadside station by providing tourist information as well as managing and repairing the facilities so that tourists can spend their time safely and comfortably.
Furthermore, by promoting the appeal of local producers and specialty products to tourists, we are contributing to the improvement of Niseko Town 's unique tourism services.

He is active as the face of Niseko's roadside station.

Have a great time with a fun performance! Kindergarten Christmas Party

On December 22nd, a concert by the Pikinini Band was held at Kindergarten. Since November, the Pikinini Music Band has been holding concerts as part of the "Pikinini Caravan" that tours Niseko High School, Hokkaido International School, Niseko Central Warehouse Group, and Kindergarten.
At Kindergarten, seasonal songs such as A Whole New World and Frozen were played, and children could be seen cheerfully singing along to the Christmas song medley. Children also participated in the performance by clapping their hands.

Relax with wonderful performances that are close to the children

2023 Children's Council to build a better town

The Board of Education held a children's assembly on January 15th at the town hall (meeting hall).
The 11 children's councilors expressed their opinions on ``diversifying school lunches'' so that children with allergies or other dietary restrictions can also enjoy school lunches, ``installing air conditioners in schools,'' ``increasing the number of play equipment in children's play areas,'' etc. A proposal has been made.
Parents and teachers came to observe and although they seemed nervous, they confidently asked general questions from a child's perspective.
Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the town's website.

Even though I was nervous, I openly expressed my opinion.

Junior high school student human rights essay contest award for thinking about human rights

Ao Shimoda, a third-year student at Niseko Junior High School, was selected for the "42nd Junior High School Student Human Rights Essay Contest Sapporo Regional Tournament Kutchan District Competition" sponsored by the Sapporo Legal Affairs Bureau and the Sapporo Human Rights Protection Committee Federation, and was awarded an award at Niseko Junior High School on December 20th. I received it.
The purpose of this contest is to help junior high school students think about human rights issues and deepen their understanding of the importance and necessity of respecting human rights.

It gave me an opportunity to think seriously about human rights.

The 217th Town Development Citizens' Lecture for the realization of the Forest Vision Action Plan

On December 22, the town held an event where residents explained the outline of the town forest vision implementation plan.
A lecture was held.
First, we explained the purpose of formulating an action plan to embody our forest vision, and then explained what we would like to see in five years and specific initiatives for each basic policy. We received many opinions and suggestions regarding forest creation from the audience.

12 townspeople participated

Selected by companies in Niseko Town! 100 companies representing Hokkaido

Hokkaido Lion Adventure, an outdoor company in the town, has been selected as one of Hokkaido's top 100 companies. This project is aimed at regional revitalization and involves private media ``promoting small but brilliant companies that are contributing to the local community.''
The company was selected based on its philosophy and initiatives, rather than its size.

Creating a town where both immigrants and people who grew up here can play an active role together

Everybody's page

This is the participation page for the townspeople. We look forward to hearing from you!

Planning and Environment Division Public Relations Section TEL.44-2121 FAX.44-3500

We would like to introduce you to the opinions and letters received from everyone.

My opinion
This month, we will introduce a method for you to easily communicate with the town about things you notice about the town and town development on a daily basis.
Please feel free to use it.

Submit "My Opinion"

This month's newsletter includes a sheet called ``My Opinion.'' We have enclosed this form so that you can easily convey to the town any opinions or questions you may have about the town or town development. Once the paper is glued, it becomes an envelope and can be mailed as is (no stamps required). Once the form arrives at the town, the town mayor will open it directly and confirm the contents. After that, we will respond to each and every opinion and question you receive, so please include as much contact information as possible, such as your address and name (personal information will be strictly protected).
In addition, we will give instructions to the department in charge about what needs to be addressed and what is possible, and we will respond as soon as possible.
In addition to this form, opinions are accepted by any means, such as letters, faxes, e-mails, and "town development public hearing boxes" installed in various places in the town.
*"Machizukuri Public Listening Boxes" are installed at the town hall, townspeople center, Kiranoyu, and Asobukku.

Please use "town development talk"

If you want to talk with the town mayor in a group, please use "Town Development Talk".
When about 5 people have gathered, the mayor will visit the designated place. If there is no place, the town will prepare one.
You can also use it when you want to hear specialized stories from each section chief or person in charge.
If you are interested, please contact the Public Relations and Public Hearing Section of the Planning and Environment Division in advance, as dates and other details may need to be adjusted.

Niseko High School Agricultural Club

Before winter break
~Niseko High School after winter break 2nd year secretary Manyu Moriwaki

At the end of the summer vacation, seven school rules were amended through the efforts of the Agricultural Club Executive Committee, but in the second half of the second semester, students started to show signs of disregarding the rules due to lack of care. For this reason, we received a report from the head of the student guidance department and said, ``If this situation continues, we will need to reinstate the school rules,'' and on the last day before winter break, we issued a warning to all students at the school.
As a result, there have been no notable violations of school rules since the end of the winter break. I would like to continue to work closely with teachers, mainly through the Agricultural Club Executive Committee, to call for caution.
Before the winter break, classes were closed for second and third year students due to an influenza outbreak, and students were urged to take good care of themselves.
In the future, I will be taking a day off from skiing and other important classes related to my credits, so I will be taking good care of my health so that I can make the most of the limited time left in school this year.

Niseko Tanka Association

My brain has many malfunctions and the time passes by in a hurry.It's time for bedtime Shizuko Nishiin
It's cold outside and the poinsettia in the room is so red that it heals my heart. Sadako Sasaki

Niseko Haiku Association

Yoshie Koshino is making plans and it's early in the evening.
Koharukaze Mother and child laughing in the afternoon Eiko Ogawa
Ayako Shimizu stands in the autumn mountains amidst the changing colors of the trees
Yuriko Kudo changes the nib to copy sutras and enters December.


Play Book News No.251

Learning Exchange Center Aso Book
■ Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Closed: Mondays, last Fridays, public holidays, year-end and New Year holidays
TEL.0136-43-2155  FAX.0136-43-2156

mini play book
A bookshelf (approximately 60 books) was installed in the general gymnasium. We are also conducting a survey

daytime reading
We had an apron theater and a large picture book reading session at Niseko Elementary School. Next time is scheduled for February


Artology Workshop 3rd
We are holding a total of 6 expressive art workshops for adults until May.
There is no need to participate from the first time. Also, the content is different from the first and second times.
◆Date and time: February 8th (Thursday) 6:30pm to 8:00pm
◆Capacity/15 adults
◆Lecturer: Masako Muramatsu (graphic artist)
◆Place/Playbook (application required)
*For details, please see the poster in the Asobuk Hall and the website.

Playbook Puppet Theater held
We bring you the ventriloquism performance of Puppet Theater Pantaron. This is a show that everyone from children to adults can enjoy. Please enjoy the story of the silly ``Pantarou-kun'' with your whole family.
◆Date and time: March 7th (Thursday) 3:00pm - 3:45pm
◆Place/Townsman Center Large Hall
◆Performance/ventriloquism “Panpan Pantarou” and others
◆Admission fee/Free (no reservation required)
*For details, please see the poster in the Asobuk Hall and the website.

A library you can go to after work

"Aso Book" usually closes at 6 p.m., but it stays open until 8 p.m. every Thursday.
During those hours, coffee roasted at a local coffee shop is also available. Please feel free to stop by when you have free time.
Additionally, you can always bring drinks with lids into the facility. If you are looking for books or materials, we will be happy to assist you, so please feel free to use our services. Recently, a variety of people have stopped by, including people who come to read books in the evening, students who come to study, and mothers who are waiting for their children's lessons.
■Open at night/Every Thursday from 10am to 8pm

Book Exhibition 1/27 - 2/28 Pillar Exhibition "Fashionable Feature"
We have collected ``stylish'' books about living, interior design, fashion, handmade products, gardening, etc.
Why not flip through it?

hobby exhibition
2/1-2/29 Handicraft/Michiko Komatsudaira
2/1-2/29 Pointillism/Tetsuya Fukushima

New arrival book introduction

practical book
Testimony: Avalanche accident Mikio Abe
Handcraft manual for hunters Yama to Keikokusha
Mapple Okayama/Kurashiki Shobunsha

Reading material
Masaaki Ishizuka, designing an era of 100-year lifespans
Knitting the stars Yu Nagira
Foundation of Darkness Naomi Novik

Children's books and picture books
Great Pinch Encyclopedia 2 Ritake Suzuki
You can recommend super cute Korean stars! Cute Korean BOOK Min Sora
Shogakukan illustrated book NEO music Shogakukan

There are many other new books. Please take a look at the Playbook.

Niseko Town Regional Revitalization Cooperation Team

Report daily activities from the members!

Next Door Cooperation Team 29.

We will send out information every month so that the townspeople can learn about the activities and personalities of our volunteers!

Editor in charge
<3rd year> Ken Suzuki
<2nd year> Yosuke Kiyobe
<1st year> Ago Miyamae Takako Itami
Hideki Hinoura Osamu Muraoka

Introducing the activities of the cooperation team
Radio Niseko
Kira Kira Niseko
"Because I like Niseko of the cooperation team~"
(every Monday from 3:20 pm to 50 pm)
<Those scheduled to perform in February>
2/5 伊丹 貴子
12 Ayaka Sasaki/Hideki Hinoura
19 Arisa Fukuda/Kenshi Hirayama
26 Junyuan Zhang/Emi Deguchi

Information is also being sent on SNS!



Graduation special feature We will post greetings from two members whose terms of service will expire at the end of March 2020.

Naoto Arai Graduation Special Feature (from Saitama Prefecture) Assignment/Agricultural Administration Division Forestry Support

Through the Niseko Forest
It's been about two and a half years since I started working on forest maintenance in Niseko Town 's municipal forest, and graduation is fast approaching.
Forestry support activities that began as forest maintenance training in Kinuoka's town-owned forest include the use of heavy machinery to create trails, the accompanying clearing, thinning and transport after trail creation, and the production of firewood from the transported broad-leaved trees. I was able to experience the upstream and downstream aspects of forestry within the town.
As a volunteer volunteer, many of the town's events were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, and although I lacked the ability to liven up the town, becoming a volunteer volunteer has given me the ability to interact with everyone in the town. What I was able to do has become my asset.
After graduating from the corps, I plan to continue working as a forestry worker involved in forest maintenance in Niseko Town and neighboring municipalities.
I will continue to live as Niseko Town, so I look forward to your continued support.

Jang Jun-won (from South Korea)
Assignment/Agricultural Administration Division Roadside Station View Plaza Direct Sales

Thank you very much everyone
Hello, this is Jun, assigned to the View Plaza Direct Sales Association. It seems like just yesterday that I wrote my self-introduction for my new position in public relations, but before I knew it, I was now writing my graduation speech (lol).
Thanks to everyone's support in my new Niseko Town, I was able to live my life as a volunteer volunteer without incident. In particular, I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the people at the direct sales event who have shared their joys, anger, sorrows, and sorrows with me like family, my fellow volunteer volunteers, and all the people who have made me feel the warmth of Niseko Town. I would like to express my gratitude.
For me, being a JOCV was a turning point in my life and a big challenge. I am truly grateful that that location was Niseko Town. I have taken on many challenges, but my challenges seem to continue. Thank you for your continued support!

Introduction of my place of assignment 26. Niseko Children's Center
1st year Ago Miyamae (from Tokyo)

A place for children to live after school instead of at home

Niseko Children's Center is an after-school child care facility that takes care of elementary school students in the town until their parents come to pick them up.
The pillars and beams of the facility are made of larch from Niseko Town and fir from Hokkaido, allowing you to fully feel the warmth of the wood.
At Niseko Children's Center, we have a variety of schedules such as study time, snack time, and outside play time after school, and I feel that it is a good environment for the children to develop a sense of balance in their daily lives.
It is also open on Saturdays during summer and winter vacations, and seasonal events such as excursions, shopping lessons, and Christmas parties are held several times a year to foster children's independence, cooperation, and curiosity. There are also many opportunities.
I think one of the unique charms of Niseko Children's Center is that you can connect with children and teachers from various grades and schools.

Overall activity report
Implemented in December

Original project
12/17 “NISEKO Christmas” was a great success!

A Christmas event sponsored by the cooperation team that has been held since 2019. This year, we collaborated with Niseko FRIENDS (Coordinator for International Relations) for the first time as "NISEKO Christmas - Cooperation Team x Niseko FRIENDS -" and held it at the Town Citizen Center.
The event started with a musical performance by the Niseko High School Light Music Club, followed by a variety of activities, such as candy gifts from Santa, creative booths with waste oil candles and wood art, a photo session with Nikki and her friends, sales of bagels and homemade sweets from Niseko High School, and a dance performance by the kids' dance group FLASH from Niseko Town. The event was filled with a variety of activities, including a dance performance by FLASH, a kids' dance group from .
Approximately 300 people, both adults and children, participated in the bingo tournament at the end of the event. The participants had a great time and had a great time when the numbers were read out and when the bingo cards came out.
I participated in this event as an executive committee member, and at the beginning of the planning process, I was full of anxiety, such as ``Will the townspeople be able to participate?'' and ``Will we be able to successfully hold an event this big?''
However, almost all of the volunteers provided support, and many people came out on the day despite the heavy snow.
The children said, ``It was fun!'' and the parents said, ``Thank you.'' Although it took about two months to prepare, we were glad that we held the event. There aren't many opportunities to interact with so many people, from adults to children, so I had a really valuable experience as a volunteer volunteer.
Lastly, we were able to make this Christmas event such a big event thanks to the support of many businesses in the town.
Our sponsors include Kawahara Seeds, Kiranoyu, Takahashi Farm, Niseko Central Warehouse Group, Niseko View Plaza Tourist Information Center, Niseko View Plaza Direct Sales, Niseko Base Camp, Niseko Resort Tourism Association, Thank you very much to everyone at Hokkaido Lion Adventure” and “Radio Niseko” (in alphabetical order, honorifics omitted). (Rie Sudo)

12/4 Did you use Niseko Town household budget support gift certificate?

Have you used it yet? In fact, the cooperation team also helped with the work of enclosing the gift certificates.
You may have a strong impression that the cooperation team supports town events, but like this time, they also support administrative work requested by the town hall! (Koichi Fukikoshi)

smiling square

In this section, we will introduce various activities and information related to child-rearing!

Parenting topics

enjoying winter fun

The children in the small class play in the snow almost every day when the weather is calm.
At first, the children in the 1-year-old class could barely walk in their clothes, but they started playing in the snow by climbing up small snowy mountains made by their childcare workers, climbing up small hills by themselves, and sliding on sleds. I am just beginning to discover the joy of it.
The children have also gained strength and are enjoying Niseko's winter to the fullest.

Ohisama cooking class

We invited Kaori Saito, a local nutritionist, to teach us how to make simple and delicious dishes using readily available ingredients.
This time, we tried ``tear bread in a frying pan,'' ``homemade jam in the microwave,'' ``pot pie,'' and ``mini fruit roll.''
The mothers enjoyed cooking while chatting with each other, and the food turned out wonderfully, and the children and their parents ate it deliciously.
I hope that everyday cooking will be fun and that your children will enjoy the food as well.

“Ohisama” is a place where parents and children can play casually, and where friends can talk about their worries. (Inside Kindergarten)


Would you like to come see the story session?
The members of the Asobuku Puppet Theater Company come to Kindergarten and perform apron theater and puppet shows.
Would you like to have fun with your children?
◆Date and time: Tuesday, February 20th, 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
◆Place/ Kindergarten Hall
*No application required

Kindergarten childcare opening
The Early Kindergarten will be open to childcare for parents and children aged 0 to preschool age.
◆Date and time: Tuesday, February 13th, 10am-
◆Place/ Kindergarten
◆Contents/Rhythm play, snow play, etc.
◆Application deadline: February 7th (Wednesday)
*Childcare details may change on the day. Parents and children please come dressed in clothes suitable for playing in the snow.

<Inquiries about this page>
Niseko Town Kindergarten "Kiratto" In charge / Aoki / Sato
TEL(代表)0136-44-2700 FAX 0136-44-2725

Dr. Kawai's bite-sized health memo vol.29

Niseko Clinic
TEL 0136-44-2201

What is a certain organ?
This time I will explain about a certain organ. These organs produce hormones that keep the internal environment, such as blood pressure, blood sugar, water and salt levels, in an appropriate constant state. The organ is located at the top of both kidneys, is about the size of a little fingertip, and has a rounded triangular shape. This organ functions under the influence of stimulating hormones from the brain. So what about this organ?

The answer is
It's the adrenal gland. The adrenal glands have a two-layered structure, similar to a meat bun. It is divided into a meat part and a skin part, and the meat part secretes hormones that increase blood pressure, and when overproduction occurs, symptoms such as extremely high blood pressure, headaches, and weight loss occur. Masu.

Structure and function of the adrenal glands
Furthermore, the skin has a three-layered structure, and each layer secretes different enzymes.
The first outermost layer secretes hormones that allow the kidneys to reabsorb sodium, and the second layer secretes hormones essential for cell survival.
The third layer secretes male hormones. When humans are stressed, a hormone called "cortisol" is secreted from the second layer, which increases blood pressure and heart rate, and wakes up the brain. It also raises blood sugar when it is low and burns fat to produce energy.

Function of adrenal glands
Inflammation is one of the body's immune responses. When the immune system works to eliminate bacteria and viruses that have invaded the body, inflammation such as fever and swelling occurs.
At this time, cortisol is secreted, which suppresses inflammation and immune function.
Cortisol is secreted in appropriate amounts in response to temporary stress and has a positive effect on life support, but if it is secreted in excess over a long period of time or the adrenal glands become tired and cannot be secreted at the required timing. , and eventually become unable to cope with stress, which can lead to various illnesses.

How to maintain adrenal function?
Vitamin C is required for the synthesis of cortisol, so it is necessary to actively consume foods rich in vitamin C. It is also important to get enough sleep, as it allows your adrenal glands to rest while you sleep. This year, take care of your adrenal glands and strive to live a life that brings you good fortune.

News from Niseko Town Information on living

★Advance reservation is required
Acceptance of final tax return
Tax returns can be filed at the town hall from February 16th (Friday) to March 15th (Friday).
*You can file your tax return at any time at the Kutchan Tax Office.

Advance reservation is required for final tax return
Please make a reservation in advance for your desired date and time to file your tax return, and come to the office with plenty of time to spare.
For advance reservations, please contact us by phone or email at least one day before your desired date.
*If you are filing a tax return at the tax office, you will need to obtain an "admission ticket" in advance.
It can be issued in advance through the National Tax Agency LINE official account or distributed on the day at the venue.

We may refuse your application.
Those who have not made advance reservations will not be able to receive a tax return.
Also, even if you have made a reservation in advance, if you are not feeling well on the day of your appointment, please do not hesitate to make a new declaration at a later date.

You can also file your tax return from your home computer or smartphone.
``e-Tax'' is a system that allows you to file tax returns via the Internet from your home computer or smartphone.
Using e-Tax has the following advantages over filing a tax return at a tax office or government office.
・You can complete your tax return at home
・You can report at any time
・No need to submit attached documents (life insurance certificate, etc.)
・E-Tax, which provides quick refunds (about 3 weeks), is evolving every year to become more convenient and easy to use. Please take advantage of this opportunity.
*For information on how to use e-Tax, search for "e-Tax" on the Internet.

Do you need to file your return now?
If you are filing a tax return to receive a refund of overpaid income tax by adding deductions for medical expenses, donations, life insurance, etc., you do not need to do so by March 15th. 2023 years, so you can file for 2025 at any time until December 31, 2020.
Tax offices and government offices are crowded during tax return filing season. If you are filing a tax return for the purpose of getting a tax refund, please consider changing the timing or using e-Tax.

If you are unsure whether you need to declare
If you are unsure whether or not you should file your tax return yourself, please feel free to contact the office.
When contacting us for consultation, please have the following documents showing your income and expenses for the past year ready.
■Reference documents (example)
・Withholding tax slip for salary and pension
・Receipt of medical expenses (total amount paid out-of-pocket)
・Life insurance deduction certificate, etc.
*For general information on final tax returns, please search for "National Tax Agency final tax return" on the Internet.
■問合せ/税務課 TEL0136-44-2121

Consultation on capital gains and gift taxes
Those who need individual consultation with tax office staff regarding capital gains and gift taxes can receive online consultation from Sapporo Central Tax Office staff every Tuesday and Thursday from February 1st to March 15th. If you would like to consult, please come to our office on any day of the week.
Please note that an "admission ticket" is required for online consultation at the registration venue.
■問合せ/倶知安税務署 個人課税部門 TEL0136-22-1192(代表)

Payment of final tax return is "transfer tax payment"
By using transfer tax payment, you can automatically pay your taxes on the transfer date.
Normally, in order to pay income tax, special income tax for reconstruction, consumption tax, and local consumption tax, it is necessary to fill out the necessary information on a payment slip and go to a financial institution or tax office, which takes time and effort. However, if you use the transfer tax payment method, the amount will be automatically deducted from your savings account on the transfer date, so you only need to check the balance in your savings account the day before the transfer date.
*If the withdrawal cannot be made due to insufficient balance, etc., late payment tax may be charged from the day after the payment deadline until the payment date.
◎How can I use “transfer tax payment”?
Please submit the deposit/savings account transfer request form and payment notice sending request form (transfer request form) to your financial institution or the competent tax office. If you wish to use transfer tax payment for your final tax return for 2023, you must submit your final tax return and transfer request form by the next payment deadline.
■Deadline for payment/Income tax, etc.: March 15th (Friday) Consumption tax, etc.: April 1st (Monday) Please see the National Tax Agency website for details.

Subsidy for septic tank installation and maintenance costs
About application start date
The town subsidizes the installation costs for people who change from pumping or single treatment septic tanks to combined treatment septic tanks at private residences within the town.
Applications for 2020 will begin accepting applications in March 2020. The installation assistance for combined treatment septic tanks installed in newly built houses is scheduled to end in 2023.
The start of recruitment will be announced in the March issue of Public Relations Niseko and on the town website.
■問合せ/町民生活課町民生活係 TEL0136-44-2121 担当=松澤・金子

Attorney Katahira will solve your worries!

●This month's theme
“Amendment of the Act to Eliminate Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities”
Did you know that the revised Act on Eliminating Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities will come into effect from April 1, 2020?
Have you ever heard of the term "reasonable accommodation"?
Reasonable accommodation, in the field of the Act to Eliminate Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities, refers to a business operator giving consideration necessary to eliminate social barriers caused by disability regarding discrimination against persons with disabilities, in response to the expressed wishes of persons with disabilities. .
In fact, the provision of reasonable accommodation under the Act to Eliminate Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities was revised from the previous obligation to make efforts to a legal obligation in June 2021, but from April 1, 2020, the same amendment will be implemented. This law has been enforced and businesses may be subject to legal liability if they fail to take reasonable care.
The content of reasonable accommodation is abstract and difficult to understand, but for example, if a person in a wheelchair wants to sit at a desk in a restaurant while still in the wheelchair, if the desk chair is removed, the person in the wheelchair can eat and drink while still in the wheelchair. This is an example of reasonable accommodation.
Specific examples of reasonable accommodation are listed in the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's guidelines, so I think it would be a good idea for employers to check them.
By the way, some people point out that reasonable accommodation is a moral issue. I think that social barriers are issues that society should remove, so they are not only moral issues but also legal issues, but on the other hand, social barriers due to disabilities can only be seen if you talk to the person and show understanding. I think it's important to listen to what people say because you can recognize it.

Park Front Law Office Niseko Office
141 Hondori Niseko Town
TEL 0136-44-3800   FAX 0136-44-3801

Publish contract results
The following are the bids and free contracts held from November 27th to January 9th.
We will notify you of the results of contracts for construction, consignment work, purchase of goods, etc.
Niseko Town Kindergarten Air Conditioner Installation Work
■Planned price: 6,732,000 yen ■Contract amount: 6,600,000 yen
■ Successful bid rate: 98.0% ■ Contract partner: Honma Shoten Co., Ltd.
*The successful bid rate is the ratio of the amount actually contracted to the amount planned by the town.
*Excludes unit price contracts

There is a vacant room in the town house

Type Apartment name Format Structure Rent guideline Parking space
lowest to highest
Public housing Shin Arishima Danchi 3LDK Fireproof structure 11,000 yen ~ None
(For households) Building 2 (61.99 square meters) 2nd floor 48,600 yen
Room 202 Built in 1985 (varies depending on income, etc.)

●Reception period: February 1st (Thursday) to February 15th (Thursday)
●Eligibility and application method/Please inquire for details.
■Inquiries regarding municipal housing/City Construction Division Housing Management Section Person in charge: Onuki Sasaki

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in emergency driving by emergency vehicles and firefighting activities during the winter season.

With the snowfall season upon us, it's time to worry about frozen roads, snow accumulation, and traffic disruptions caused by snowfall. Emergency vehicles such as fire engines can run smoothly only with the cooperation of general vehicles.
Fire engines, ambulances, etc. that receive a 119 call arrive at the disaster site as soon as possible, and in order to extinguish the fire and transport the injured and sick to medical institutions, all or part of their bodies protrude onto the right side of the road. The Road Traffic Act grants priority rights of way that are not granted to regular vehicles, such as being able to drive at the right angle and entering intersections with red lights.
If you are driving your own car and an emergency vehicle approaches, please give way to the emergency vehicle and cooperate with the following points so that we can arrive at the disaster site as quickly as possible.

(1) If you are driving a car and an emergency vehicle approaches with its siren blaring, pay attention to your surroundings, move to the left side of the road, and quickly yield to them.

(2) If you are driving at or near an intersection, avoid the intersection, move to the left side of the road (or right side if you are obstructing traffic by moving to the left), and stop temporarily.

(3) If you are riding a bicycle or walking on a road without a sidewalk, please move to the edge of the road as quickly as possible and give way to the other person.
The number of emergency calls tends to increase during the winter tourist season, so there are many times when ambulances are not in Niseko Town.
When emergency dispatches overlap in Niseko Town, at the same time as ambulances are dispatched from neighboring towns and villages, Niseko Fire Department dispatches fire trucks to the emergency scene to provide first aid and support for the activities of the ambulance crew.
As we head to the emergency scene with sirens blaring, it may be confused with a fire, but we ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to save as many lives as possible.
In addition, when calling 119, you may be asked to come without turning on the siren, but when driving in an emergency, be sure to flash the red warning light and drive with the siren on. This is stipulated by law, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.
Also, please do not park your car or throw removed snow near fire hydrants or fire tanks during the winter, as this will greatly impede firefighting efforts.
■問合せ/羊蹄山ろく消防組合消防署ニセコ支署  TEL 0136-44-2354  担当=佐々木・佐竹・宮入

Please cooperate with our resident survey regarding tourism.

The Niseko Tourism Area Council (Rankoshi Town, Niseko Town, Kutchan Town) has conducted a survey to find out what kind of image local residents have toward tourism and what kind of region they would like to develop through tourism. We are conducting a survey to serve as reference for future sightseeing. The survey period ends on Thursday, February 29th.
Among those who cooperated with the survey, 30 people will be randomly selected to receive an Amazon gift worth 1,000 yen. We would appreciate your cooperation in completing the survey.
*Amazon is a trademark of, Inc. or its affiliates.
■問合せ/商工観光課 TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=三上

★Everyone check it out! minimum wage
Hokkaido minimum wage

The Hokkaido minimum wage, which applies to all workers (company employees, part-time workers, students, etc.) working at workplaces in Hokkaido and their employers, has been revised as follows.
■Minimum wage amount/hourly amount 960 yen
■Effective date/October 1 2023
○The minimum wage does not include perfect attendance allowances, commuting allowances, family allowances, temporary wages, and extra wages for overtime, etc.
○ If you do not pay wages above the minimum wage amount, you may be punished as a minimum wage law violation.
○Specific industries (“Processed milk/milk drinks, dairy products, sugar manufacturing industry”, “Steel industry”, “Electronic parts/devices/electronic circuits, electrical machinery and equipment, information and communication equipment manufacturing industry”, “Ship manufacturing/ Hokkaido's specific minimum wage (by industry) applies to those working in the repair industry and hull block manufacturing industry.
■Inquiries/Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Hokkaido Labor Bureau, Labor Standards Inspection Office (branch office)

Concert by the Town Citizens Music Orchestra ``Oke Niseko'' OK NISEKO is a mini-orchestra made up of approximately 30 Niseko Town, both professional and amateur, who enjoy playing musical instruments. We started our activities in September last year and have been practicing a lot.
OK NISEKO enjoys music, but we will be holding a concert as a place to announce this and for the townspeople to become familiar with music and have fun together.
■Date and time: March 10th (Sunday) 2:00pm to 3:00pm (doors open 30 minutes before)
■ Place / Townsman Center
■Admission/Free, no application required
■Parking lot/Please use the Town Hall parking lot.
*Please note that space is limited.
■Inquiries/ Niseko Town Music Event 2023 Executive Committee 担当=赤星

Notice of Recruitment of Self-Defense Forces
● Assistant Reserve SDF Officer
・Examination eligibility/General: Persons aged 18 to under 34
Skills: Persons who are 18 years of age or older and have a national license qualification, etc.
・Reception period: January 10th (Wednesday) - April 4th (Thursday)
・Test date: Any day from April 6th (Sat) to April 21st (Sun)
●General Sergeant Candidate (1st)
・Eligibility for taking the exam: Persons who are 18 years old or older and under 33 years old as of the 1st day of the month in which they are scheduled to be hired.
・Reception period: March 1st (Friday) - May 6th (Monday)
・First exam date: Any day from May 17th (Friday) to May 26th (Sunday)
・You will be notified of the second exam date/first exam pass notification.
Please contact us for more information as test dates are subject to change.
■問合せ/自衛隊札幌地方協力本部倶知安地域事務所 TEL 0136-23-3540
または自衛官募集相談員 下口 登さん TEL 0136-44-2177

Track! vol.37
Activities of a town development company!

Introduction to Mokure Niseko Building A
Niseko Mirai's first condominium, ``Mokule Niseko Building A,'' will be completed soon.
Mokure Niseko Building A is a two-story wooden building that is highly insulated, airtight, and durable. It has acquired Earthquake Resistance Grade 2, which means it can withstand earthquakes 1.25 times stronger than Earthquake Resistance Grade 1 (will not collapse or collapse under earthquakes of magnitude 6-7).
Additionally, this figure takes into account the weight of 2.3 meters of snow on the roof, making the building resistant to earthquakes.
It has also received a deterioration rating of 3, meaning it is a building that can be lived in for three generations (75 to 90 years) without major renovation work.
We are planning to hold an open house for Mokure Niseko Building A in the future, so please look forward to it.
We are also accepting open houses for rental housing "NISEKO BOKKA" which has the same performance as Mokure Niseko Building A, so if you are interested, please come and experience it for yourself.
■問合せ/(株)ニセコまち TEL0136-55-6087

Interior image of Mokure Niseko Building A

City Case Files

Niseko Town Crime Prevention Association
Incidents There were no incidents in Niseko Town during December.
Traffic Accidents Of the 76 property accidents, 24 were single accidents.

倶知安警察署/TEL 0136-22-0110

“Thoughts about the four islands: the fire of return lit in my heart”
February 7th is “Northern Territories Day”
■Inquiries/Northern Territories Reversion Alliance Shishi Local Branch
倶知安町北1条東2丁目(後志総合振興局内) TEL 0136-22-0216

Shiribeshi Job Fair 2024

We will be holding the "Shiribeshi Job Fair 2024" to introduce jobs from spring onwards for people working short-term at winter resorts etc.
■Date and time: February 19th (Monday) - February 20th (Tuesday) 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. each day
■Location: Niseko Adventure Center 2F (Niseko Hirafu 1-2-4-8, Kutchan Town)
*You can also interview online.
■問合せ/後志総合振興局産業振興部商工労働観光課商工労働係 しりべし「まち・ひと・しごと」マッチングプラン無料職業紹介所 TEL0136-44-1362

If you have a problem, don't worry about it alone, seek administrative advice
The Administrative Consultation Committee listens to complaints, opinions, and requests regarding the administration from residents of the town. Consultations are free and strictly confidential.
If you have any concerns, opinions, or requests regarding the work of the office, please feel free to contact the Administrative Consultation Committee.
■行政相談委員/鹿内英二さん(字有島) TEL 0136-44-2407
*Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Administrative Consultation Center "Kikumimi Hakodate" also accepts consultations, so please feel free to contact us.
“Administrative Complaints Number 110” (TEL 0570-090-110)

Preparing for a major winter earthquake
Please pay attention to the following points and prepare on a daily basis.

1. Preparation for snow
There is a risk of snow falling from the roof or an avalanche due to the shaking of the earthquake. Also, snowy roads are difficult to walk on and evacuation takes time. Find a safe evacuation route.

2. Fire preparedness
In winter, the risk of fire from heating equipment increases. Please be careful not to tip over the heating equipment or ignite the surrounding area.
When evacuating during a power outage, turn off the breaker and turn off the gas main valve.

3. Prepare for the cold
It's a good idea to have a portable stove, disposable warmers, etc. in case the electricity or gas goes out. Also, prepare cold weather clothes and goods.
■問合せ/札幌管区気象台 地震火山課  TEL011-611-6125

CS channel vol.39
Creating a school that coexists with the community
Niseko-style community school

Experience different cultures!
Coordinating international exchange classes

The Community School Committee provides class support to each school, and acts as a point of contact between schools and necessary human resources and related organizations, such as by dispatching school support volunteers based on requests from schools. I am in charge.
This year, we are placing particular emphasis on international exchange, and are coordinating classes so that children and students can have fun experiencing the languages and cultures of various countries, depending on their developmental stage.
In the actual class, the Coordinator for International Relations who is active in Niseko Town will introduce their home country to us, and we will also experience traditional games from that country, read picture books aloud in multiple languages, and sometimes learn about the local culture. We sometimes sample sweets, and we try to use all five senses to experience different languages and cultures.
Children and students want to know more! I really want to go there! I became interested in history and language! We have heard comments such as, and it is very popular.
Only in Niseko can you experience something like this. I would be happy if children would grow up to be interested in countries around the world from a broader perspective.
■問合せ/コミュニティ・スクール委員会事務局 TEL 0136-44-2101
Board of Education School Coordinator Chie Aoyama

We received a generous donation.
thank you for your kindness

《Niseko Town Social Welfare Council Reception》
“As a thank you for taking care of my father when he was alive.”
Niseko Friendship Association Mr. Akira Matsutani

《Niseko Town Office Reception》
“Please use it for social welfare.”
Aiko Takase Arishima

Requests to prevent accidents such as ice and snow falling from the roof

In winter, many accidents resulting in death or injury occur due to falling ice and snow from roadside buildings. Please pay attention to the following to ensure smooth passage during the winter and avoid accidents caused by falling ice and snow.
・Please install snow guards at roadside houses where falling ice and snow may occur.
・Even if snow stoppers are already installed, falling ice and snow may occur due to damage to the wires due to rust or aging, so be sure to inspect them and repair any damage as soon as possible.
・Falling snow and ice are more likely to occur when the temperature is between -3 degrees Celsius and +3 degrees Celsius, so be sure to remove snow as soon as possible and have multiple people remove snow.
・When passing under the eaves, be careful of falling ice and snow from the roof.
- If there is falling ice or snow, check to see if anyone is injured and remove it.
■Inquiries/Otaru Development and Construction Department

Foreign standard wireless equipment
Do not use
Foreign standard radio equipment such as FRS cannot be used as it interferes with radio communications within Japan.
In particular, please never use UHF-CB or PRS as they may interfere with television and other important communications. Punishable under Japanese law.
When purchasing or using a radio, please be sure to check the "Technical Standards Conformity Certification Mark".
■問合せ/北海道総合通信局電波監理部電波利用環境課 TEL011-709-2311

Curator's tour of Kitamisaki
Work introduction
This Hideyuki Fujikura exhibition features many works that are being shown for the first time at our museum.
On the day of the exhibition, we will be introducing several works that will be exhibited for the first time (no application required).
■Date and time: February 23rd (Friday) 2:00 p.m. (about 30 minutes)
■ Place / Arishima Takeo Memorial Museum
■ Fee: Free (However, an admission fee is required)
■Lecturer: Shian Kono (curator of the museum)
■問合せ/有島記念館 TEL0136-44-3245 担当=河野・伊藤

Personnel changes of town employees
■Date of December 31st
▽Townsman Learning Division Manager Masato Nakamura
■As of January 1st
[Townsman Learning Division] ▽Chief of Townsman Learning Division Nobutaka Fuchino (Chief of School Education Division)
■Dated January 18th
[Health and Welfare Division] ▽Welfare Section Chief Kayo Fukasawa (Commerce and Tourism Division, Commerce and Tourism Section)

Chuo Sokogun News vol.27 Looking back on last year & New Year’s greetings

Hello! This is Matsuda, the director. Thank you to everyone in the town for visiting Niseko Central Warehouse Group last year!
Last year, the new coronavirus became type 5, and various people from inside and outside the town were infected.
The facility was used for holding events and renting out the space inside the building.
We would also like to once again thank you for using our indoor social space, which is a free space even when the museum is open, as a place to work, study, and sometimes relax.
We hope that the Central Warehouse Group will continue to be used as a space for interaction, for events to be held, or even when the museum is normally open, where people who gather there can create something.
I myself would like to use my free and flexible ideas to manage the Niseko Central Warehouse Group this year as well, in order to make it even better for everyone. Thank you again for your support!

Niseko Central Warehouse Group (former starch factory/warehouse No. 1)
Opening hours / 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Closed/every Tuesday

clean station

Everyone manages the garbage station!
Garbage stations are managed by everyone who uses them.
Please follow the rules and make sure everyone can use the facility comfortably.
Are there any bags with a "No Good Garbage" sticker left behind at the station you are using?
Bags that do not follow the rules will have a ``bad garbage'' sticker affixed to them and will not be collected.
Please be sure to follow the rules when disposing of trash, as it may be a nuisance to everyone around you.
Also, when it snows, the roof and surrounding areas of garbage stations may become covered with snow. We ask for your cooperation in maintenance such as snow removal to make it easier for everyone to use.

■Inquiries/Townsman Lifestyle Division Townsman Lifestyle Section
TEL 0136-44-2121 担当=松澤・金子

Nice to meet you, thank you

Regional Ocean Cooperation Vol.

School Education Division Niseko High School
Kyoka Sato (from Sapporo)
Kyouka Sato
Niseko has a strong image of winter, but I'm looking forward to seeing the wonderful scenery of Niseko in each season.
We would be happy if we could interact with everyone in the town through various events.

International communication vol.10

This year, our Coordinator for International Relations spent the year-end and New Year holidays in various places! Shah and Joanna returned to their hometowns of Melbourne, Australia and Chiayi, Taiwan to see their families.
Lily and Brooke celebrated the new year in Niseko Town. Pei Pei left all the way to America.
In Europe and America, there is a custom of sharing new year's resolutions called "New Years Resolution."
Niseko FRIENDS' ambition is to increase the number of places where townspeople can connect through new events that promote cultural exchange.
It's time to go!
*From February, we will be distributing the International Exchange Newspaper to each group. Please visit our homepage or scan the QR code below.

hello mayor

Push-type support to disaster-stricken areas

After the coronavirus pandemic subsided and we finally had a peaceful new year, the ``Noto Peninsula Earthquake'' occurred on New Year's Day, and the following day, on the 2nd, we began the new year with painful news, including an accident at Haneda Airport.
In the case of the Shinano River flood in 2019, Honcho dispatched staff to Saku City in Nagano Prefecture as a member of the Water Resources Conservation Liaison Committee, and in response to the Fukushima-Oki Earthquake in 2022, we dispatched staff to Kunimi Town in Fukushima Prefecture to provide "push-type support." . Affected local governments are busy with lifesaving and disaster mitigation activities on the ground, so they do not have the luxury of responding one by one to receive assistance when a disaster occurs. "Push-type support" is a support measure that automatically determines local shortages and immediately provides human and material support so as not to burden the affected area. Once again, we have been exchanging information with the affected areas since the time of the disaster. Please continue to support the disaster-stricken areas by making donations.
Niseko Town Kenya Katayama


Town Calendar 2 FEBRUARY

Upper right box article
February is
Delivery date for nursing care insurance premium (8th period)
The deadline for payment is the 26th (Monday)
Inquiries about long-term care insurance premiums/Health and Welfare Division
TEL 0136-44-2121

bottom right box article
Emergency and sudden illness response at night and on holidays
倶倶知安厚生病院 電話0136-22-1141

4th (Sun)
●Kids Park/Kura: Warehouse No. 1: 10:00-16:00
●Scenic Night/Kiranoyu/Niseko Station candle lighting: 17:00~

5th (Monday)
●After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00~
Playbook closed day

6th (Tue)
●Free legal consultation by lawyer/Town: 13:00~ (Reservation required by noon the day before)
●Health exercise class/Town: 14:00~
Central warehouse group closed days

7th (Wednesday)
8th (Thu)
●Play Club (reservation required)/A: 15:00~
●Artology Workshop/A: 18:30-20:00
Open at night

9th (Friday)
●Disaster prevention radio automatic activation training/role: 11:00~
●After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00~
●6th Niseko Town Comprehensive Plan Development Council/Role: 14:00~

10th (Sat)
●Niseko English Conversation Circle/O: 10:00~
●Director's lecture "Exploring from history - the emergence of generative AI and creativity" / Available: 14:00 ~
●Scenic Night/Kiranoyu/Niseko Station candle lighting: 17:00~

11th (Sun)
National Foundation Day
●Kids Park/Kura No. 1 Warehouse: 10:00-16:00
●Scenic Night/Kiranoyu/Niseko Station candle lighting: 17:00~,
Fireworks launch: 19:00~ (scheduled)
Playbook closed day

12th (Monday)
Substitute holiday
●Kids Park/Kura No. 1 Warehouse: 10:00-16:00
Playbook closed day

13th (Tuesday)
● Kindergarten Childcare Open/Toddler: 10:00~
See smiley square p17
●Health checkup for 1 and a half and 3 year olds/Town: 13:00~
●Town development lecture for townspeople “6th Comprehensive Plan” / Role: 14:00~, Town: 18:00~
See Town Development Information Room p.8
Central warehouse group closed days

14th (Wed)

15th (Thursday)
●Play Club (reservation required)/A: 15:00~
Open at night

16th (Friday)
●After-school children's classroom/body: 14:00~
Playbook closed day

17th (Sat)
18th (Sun)
●Kids Park/Kura: Warehouse No. 1: 10:00-16:00

19th (Monday)
●After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00~
Playbook closed day

20th (Tuesday)
●Story meeting/young: 10:30~
See smiley square p17
●Free legal consultation by lawyer/Town: 13:00~ (Reservation required by noon the day before)
●Health exercise class/Town: 14:00~
Central warehouse group closed days

21st (Wed)
●Papa and Mama Seminar/Town: 19:00~
●Radio Niseko Interruption Broadcast/Role: 10:50~

22nd (Thursday)
●Muscle storage class/Town: 10:30~
●Play Club (reservation required)/A: 15:00~
Open at night

23rd (Friday)
emperor's birthday
Playbook closed day

24th (Sat)
●Niseko English Conversation Circle/O: 10:00~

25th (Sun)
26th (Monday)
●After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00~
Playbook closed day

27th (Tuesday)
Central warehouse group closed days

28th (Wednesday)
●Health Committee/Town: 13:30~

29th (Thursday)
●Magic Carpet/A: 15:00~
Open at night

1st (Friday)
●After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00~

2nd (Sat)
3rd (Sun)
4th (Monday)
●After-school children's classroom/Town: 14:00~
Playbook closed day

5th (Tuesday)
●Free legal consultation by lawyer/Town: 13:00~ (Reservation required by noon the day before)
●Health exercise class/Town: 14:00~
Central warehouse group closed days

6th (Wed)
●Comprehensive cancer screening/Sapporo (bus) 6:30~ (departs from Town Citizens Center)

This person is shining vol.184

This time, at this year's 20-year-old gathering,
Feelings of gratitude to many people and my own
We would like to introduce the 20-year-old representative's response, pledging his determination for the future.

Thank you for joining us today.
I would like to express my greetings on behalf of all the participants, after receiving the words of congratulations from everyone who attended.
I am currently working for the Ground Self-Defense Force's 1st Airborne Brigade in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture.
There, in addition to regular Ground Self-Defense Force activities, we conduct training assuming disaster relief operations using parachutes, the only one in Japan.
The training of jumping out of a helicopter or airplane, deploying a parachute, and landing is always a close encounter with danger, so I work with a sense of nervousness.
I believe that thanks to my family, friends, school teachers, and everyone around me who have supported me over the past 20 years, I have been able to work in a job that I am proud of. I would like to continue working hard and not forgetting my gratitude.
Although we are still inexperienced, we recognize that we are supported and helped by so many people, and we would like to conclude our speech as 20-year-old representatives by vowing to join the ranks of working adults here today.
I will.
January 7, 2020 20 year old representative Ryota Nagao

Photo album of this month

Photo album of this month

Happy New Year, all handmade
Photographer: Niseko Town Day Service

We are looking for photos!
Why not introduce familiar photos in public relations? A brief explanation of the shooting date and location, etc.
Please let me know. You can also post using Niseko Town official LINE post form.


Niseko Town Public Relations and Hearing Section aims to disseminate information in an easy-to-understand manner so that town residents can learn about the current state of the town.
Please let us know what you thought after reading this month's "Public Information Niseko" and your opinions on the information published.
For example, we will use the comments and opinions we receive, such as ``This article was particularly interesting!'' and ``I would like to know this information!'', as a reference for creating future newsletters and disseminating information in public relations.
If you have any comments or comments regarding "Public Relations Niseko," please access the dedicated form using the QR code below, fill it out, and send it to us.
We will use the opinions we receive as a reference for creating the town's public relations magazine and for other public relations activities, but we do not respond to individual responses, so we appreciate your understanding.

Editor's Note

I learned a lot from the interviews for ``Exploring Niseko for Adults!'' as each shop taught me a wealth of knowledge and know-how.
And every shopkeeper had a desire to serve the local community. I believe that the stores that I was not able to interview this time are holding mini-courses because they want to become a store that is rooted in the local community.
There are also shops in the town that use unique methods to raise money for the Noto earthquake and donate money to help collect waste plastic.
Niseko has the image of being like a foreign country and a place where large-scale resort development is taking place, but on the other hand, I think people should know that there are many wonderful shops that are rooted in the local area. . (too)


The situation of radiation dose in the town

Measurement date: 1 month until January 15th
Maximum value 0.065μGy/h
Minimum value 0.021μGy/h
Average value 0.029μGy/h

The spatial radiation dose rate is
normal level

Movement of people (as of the end of December)
Population: 5,481 people
(+298 compared to previous month)
2,840 men
(+195 compared to previous month)
2,641 women
(+103 compared to previous month)
Number of households: 3,152
(+284 compared to previous month)
Foreigners 923
Of which, foreign households 776

Inquiries regarding information on this page

Niseko Town Hall