Public Relations Niseko November Issue [No. 715]

【Machizukuri Information Office】
The "Ordinance on the Appropriate Promotion of Renewable Energy Business" will come into effect in April 2022.
Front pageI dug a delicious carrot!
1~2Town Development Information Office / "Ordinance on Proper Promotion of Renewable Energy Business" will be enforced from April 2022.
3~4Town topics / Niseko Elementary School Athletic Meet, Niseko High School Rice Harvesting Experience, Autumn Cleanup Strategy
5~10Everyone's page / From Asobukkuda / Neighboring cooperation team / Nikoniko Hiroba / Komyudi ~
11~17Living information / Snow removal service support ・ November 9th is the 119th day ・ SDGs block (tentative) name is being recruited
18Town calendar
Back coverThis Month's Photo Album / Food and Nutrition Story

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