Public Relations Niseko October Issue [No. 714]

【Special Feature】
Know the area at the neighborhood association Connect with the area
【Machizukuri Information Office】
・ Whereabouts of the Hokkaido Shinkansen parallel conventional line
・ Household account book of our town
・ Jobs for supplementary budget
Front pageAthletic meet today! I'll do my best with the support of my dad and mom!
1~6Special feature / Knowing the area through neighborhood associations Connecting with the area
7~14Town Development Information Room / Hokkaido Shinkansen Whereabouts of Parallel Conventional Lines / Household Account Book of Our Town / Work of Things You Want to Know More Supplementary Budget Edition
15~16Town Topics/ Kindergarten Athletic Meet, Niseko High School Experience Entrance, Niseko Limited Express Service
17~22Everyone's page / From Asobukkuda / Neighboring cooperation team / Nikoniko Hiroba / Komyudi ~
23~29Living information / Don't forget to receive the elderly pneumococcal vaccine ・ We will hold a nuclear disaster prevention drill this year as well!・ National Health Insurance procedure
30Town calendar
Back coverThis month's photo album / Chuo Warehouse Group communication

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