Townscape of the city

Four seasons of Niseko rich in variety

In Niseko you can enjoy rich nature throughout the four seasons. In the spring, from the gap of the snowfall, when the Baikuro looks at the face, rich water flows out into the river, it becomes a fresh green season. In short summer, it is cool and easy to spend, but I feel the signs of autumn soon. As the temperature slowly declines, the color of leaves that are turning red increases in depth. When the flying snowfall starts to fly, the first snow falls and it is winter production. In winter, one of the best powder snow in the world is accumulated as much as a person's height.

Summer memories Karita shrine festival

Every year in Niseko Town town, people from all over the town participate and a summer festival is held. It is the state of the Kanta Shrine festival that has continued since Niseko Town was called Kata-cho a long time ago. At this Karita Shrine festival, you can see the march of "Akasaka Gu", which is also designated as an intangible folk cultural property of the town.

Summer memories Soga shrine festival


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