About absentee ballot

The absentee ballot is for the following people.
4. Voting by those who are under the age of 18 on the day of early voting
5. Voting by those who are staying at home or undergoing medical treatment at home due to a COVID-19 who meet certain requirements

When a person registered in the electoral list of Niseko Town votes for absentees at an out-of-town residence

If you have been staying in another city for a long time due to work or travel, or if you have not been listed in the electoral list of your new address shortly after moving out of Niseko Town, you will find the city of your place of stay or your new address. You can vote for absentees at the Electoral Commission.

1. Request for ballots and envelopes for voting

Please submit the absentee ballot oath (and invoice) directly or by mail to the chairman of the Niseko Town Election Commission and request a ballot. You can also use the form provided by the Election Commission of your city.
If you have a My Number card, you can request an absentee ballot online from "Mynaportal". (Billing is limited to the person.)
Mynaportal 2D code

2. Issuance of ballots, envelopes for voting, and absentee ballot certificates

If it is found that there is an absentee ballot reason, a ballot, an absentee ballot envelope and an absentee ballot certificate will be mailed to you.
The absentee ballot certificate is in the absentee ballot envelope, but please do not open the envelope. If you open it, you will not be able to vote.

3. Methods and procedures for absentee voting

When you receive the ballot, please take it with you to the municipal election commission of your place of stay between the day after the public announcement date (or the announcement date) and the day before the polling date. (If you are outside Hokkaido, it will take a few days to mail, so please do so at least a few days in advance.)
Please present the ballot and voting envelope before voting and submit the envelope containing the absentee ballot certificate without opening it. You cannot vote once you open it. Also, please do not fill out the ballot in advance. If you fill it out, you cannot vote.

4. Writing and enclosing ballot

Fill out the ballot at the absentee ballot location and put it in an inner envelope to seal it. In addition, put the inner envelope in the outer envelope and seal it. Finally, sign the surface of the outer envelope.

5. Submit to absentee ballot manager

The back of the outer envelope will be signed by the witness and submitted to the absentee ballot manager. (Voting will be invalid without the signature of the witness.)
The submitted absentee ballot will be mailed to the Niseko Town Election Commission from the municipal election commission of your place of stay.
If you do not receive the ballot from the Niseko Town Election Commission by the voting end time on the voting day, your vote will be invalid, so please vote as soon as possible.

Those who are admitted (admitted) to a designated hospital, etc.

If you are admitted to a hospital or facility designated as an absentee ballot, you can vote for absentees in the hospital.
In this case, you will need to request an absentee ballot from the designated hospital.
This request can be made even before the notification date, so if you have a family member who is hospitalized, please let us know as soon as possible.
For details, please contact the person in charge at the hospital (admission).

Proxy entry system for absentee ballots by mail, etc.

Electors who can vote for absentees by mail, etc., who fall under the following (1) or (2), who are determined to be unable to vote by themselves, are those who fall under the Town Electoral College in advance. You can have the person who notified the chairman (limited to those who have the right to vote) make a statement about voting.
(1) Persons with physical disabilities under the Welfare Law for the Physically Handicapped who are listed in the Handicapped Person's Handbook as having a first-class degree of upper limb or visual disability
(2) Persons who are war-injured under the Special Assistance Law for War-Injured Persons and who are listed in the War-Injured Person's Handbook as having a degree of upper limb or visual impairment ranging from special illness to second illness.

Voting for special mail related to COVID-19

Those who are staying at home or receiving medical treatment at home COVID-19
In this case, it is necessary to request a ballot in advance.

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