Land use

Land sales, use, regulation of development, urban planning

There are areas where the regulations based on various laws such as the agricultural land law and the natural park law are applied to the land in the neighborhood. There are various kinds of regulations such as when the usage of the land is decided or the height is restricted when building the building. Please contact the staff below if you want to know what kind of regulation is applied to which region.
When you want to know what kind of restrictions are inside the town in a rough rangeConstruction Division Urban Planning Section (First floor office building)
Agricultural land, agricultural promotion area ⇒ Limitations on use outside agricultural landAgriculture promotion agriculture promotion agriculture committee (agency office building 2 floor)
Regarding forest areas ⇒ Restrictions on logging etc.Agricultural Administration Livestock Forestry Cooperative (Second floor office building)
About natural park areas ⇒ Restrictions on buildings such as height restrictionsCommerce and Tourism Division Tourism Strategy Promotion Section (2nd floor office building)
About buried cultural property warehouses ⇒ Protect and investigate buried cultural properties such as ruinsBoard of Education Committee Town Leaders Division (in the general gymnasium)

Applying for notification / permission for land purchase / purchase / use

In such a case, a notification / permission application is required.
Purchase more than 10,000 square meters of landLand trading notification to the governor of Hokkaido ⇒ What is the land transaction notification system (Note 1) (You can also download the notification form)
Use land of 10,000 square meters or more (change the shape of the land, such as cut and embankment to build something)Development permission based on urban planning law or specific development action by conservation ordinance such as Hokkaido natural environment ⇒ Consultation on development activities etc. conducted by state / prefecture (Note 2)

About the Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance

In the case of implementing the "development project" (buildings exceeding 10 m in height, land development exceeding 5,000 square meters, etc.) in the town,
Niseko Town requires prior consultation with length.
For details, please see the following page.

About city planning (semi-urban planning)

Niseko Town has introduced “quasi-city planning”.
~ By deciding the rules, we will keep Niseko's landscape and raise the value of Niseko itself ~
Please see the following page for details.

Excellent rural residence

When building a house that conforms to the `` Basic Policy on Promotion of Niseko Town Excellent Countryside Construction '' (Guidelines for creating and protecting high-quality houses and landscapes unique to Niseko), by reporting to the government office, Rural house ".

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