Shiribei Museum Road Joint Exhibition "Talkative Art Museum"

Five museums and literature halls nestled among the rich and beautiful nature of Shimotshi district that extends from Niseko to Kutchan, Kyowa, Iwanai. We call "road to find and museum road" on the road connecting these. This 5 exhibition gathering and exhibition exhibition. The title of this time is "Talking Art Museum".

Talking museum

I truly love talking about art work. Whether you are in painting or sculpture, there are plenty of things you want to tell everyone in your work. It may be beautiful nature and nostalgic memories, the mystery of the universe, or a modest everyday life of a cosmos, or a heartwarming love story of parents and children.

If you encounter a work you care about at the exhibition venue, why do not you face slowly face to face, approaching or going away, viewing from the front, looking at diagonally, talking with close friends? Surely, that work will give you a rich image.
Perhaps, people may hear the talk of people spreading in the work, birds barking, even the sound of the wind.
Encounter with these works, if there is a dialogue, the enjoyment to go to the museum will increase.
And also it is nice to share that fun with other people. The museum is also a place for people to talk with each other.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017 - Sunday, September 24


Arisima Memorial Hall Small Exhibition Room


Viewable only with permanent exhibition fee

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