Fujikura On Demand Service

◆ "On-demand service" is made to order
A work of your choice, your own
You can create a "one postcard set in the world"

展示 Exhibited works of the special exhibition “Winter Fujikura Exhibition Part3”
(Except some)
〇 Your own commitment, sense, original
・ Can be freely combined by theme
〇 One set of 5 sheets, but from the 6th sheet, per sheet
It can be added for 150 yen

※ Please check [Notes] before applying

Work list

You can see the works that can be created from the link below.


・ 5 favorite works: 1250 yen (tax included)
* From the 6th sheet onwards, per sheet: 150 yen (tax included)
・ Shipping: 200 yen up to 60 sheets (200 yen for every 60 sheets)

How to order

price, Please mail the amount + shipping cost according to the number of orders by registered mail
Mailing address: Arishima Memorial, 57 Arishima, Niseko Town Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 048-1531

applicationIs required ((1) the number and number of works to be produced, (2) name, (3) telephone number, (4) shipping address)
Please write it on a note paper or order form and enclose it with registered mail or send it by e-mail
mail address
* To avoid errors in ordering / ordering, order by number, not by title.
 ※ご不明な点は、お気軽に有島記念館までお問合せください [有島記念館  0136-44-3245]


・ Shipping may take 1 month or more
・ No returns / refunds
・ Production and shipping will be performed by Sanko Co., Ltd.
・ The obtained personal information will not be used in other businesses

Inquiries regarding information on this page

Niseko Town Board of Education