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"Winter Fujikura Part 3"
Create your own “one postcard set in the world”

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Arishima Memorial Original Postcard
"Hideyuki Fujikura Postcard"

To those who came to the "Hideyuki Fujikura Exhibition in Summer Part2 (2019)"
Thank you for taking this opportunity.
Thank you very much for cooperating with the postcard production work questionnaire.

New work "Yuginagi no Saroma" has been completed.
Hideyuki Fujikura 8 postcards



100 yen each (tax included)

Hideyuki Fujikura Calendar “Color of the Season Seasonal Poetry 2020”

Arishima Memorial original 2020 calendar designed by illustrator Hideyuki Fujikura
“Wind Color Season Poetry” has been completed.

This year, two works of “Yamabuchi no Eki” and “Inu no Uta”, depicting the scenery of Niseko with a gentle seasonal feeling
You can enjoy it.
Fujikura Hideyuki Calendar 2020


727 mm × 512 mm


100 yen (tax included)

◆ Price has been revised from March 1, 2020

Hidekura Fujikura One-stroke Writing Paper

For spring, summer, autumn and winter in the northern land, for those who are important with their feelings.
Four designs by Hideyuki Fujikura.
Hidekura Fujikura One-stroke Writing Paper


550 yen (tax included)

Book "Reading" Birthless Problems "

Kinjiro Kida fulfills her dream of becoming a painter while succeeding in fisheries, and Takeo Arishima hopes to snuggle up and support her soul.

The encounter and interaction between the two, the cross-history, and the work "Birthless Problems"
This book contains the full text of the first edition (serialized in newspapers) and delves deeper into Arishima and Kida.
"Reading" Birthless Problems ""


2,037 yen (tax included)

Arishima Memorial Original Postcard
"Ghost of Mar and Niseko"

Ghost Marl and Niseko
Marl of the ghost came to the Arisima Memorial Hall!
Green lush 'Maruyama' in the western part of Sapporo city. When I lived in Sapporo there was a place I liked about writing Arishima Takeo as "Well, Maruyama! My favorite place!" And a diary [June 1905 (Meiji 36))].
The picture book that made the ghost living in such a circular as the hero is the "Maid of the Ghost" series [Nakanishi Publishing] (Eh · · · · · · · · ·). Is there some theory that Takeshi Arishima is modeled in the same series "Maru's Maru and Funny Position?" "Okrok of the Ghost" appears.
Such two lights of the eye? From the ghosts Marl and Okloc came to the Arisima Memorial Hall. When looking at postcards with magnifying glasses, there are many studded with Takeo and his works, and those related to Arishima farm.
Please try looking!


100 yen (tax included)

Book "Takeo Arishima Niseko Trilogy"

It is an original book edited and produced by selecting one related to Niseko from the work of Takeo Arishima.
The following works are included.
(1) Niseko's pioneering unit is “Cain Descendants”
(2) Takeo Arishima and his father are models of "parent and child"
(3) An essay "Autumn" written at Arishima Farm
Takeo Arishima Niseko Trilogy


880 yen (tax included)

Fujikura Hideyuki Calendar `` Color of the Wind Seasonal Poetry 2019 ''

A popular illustrator, Hideyuki Fujikura's popular illustrator who received great popularity last year, became a calendar in 2019.
"The color of the wind season's poetry" (Song of the color of the wind)

Two works will be delivered, "Rice planting approaching" (2017) depicting the beautiful Niseko Annupuri reflected in paddy fields before rice planting and "Snow Terminal Station" (2012) depicting a station quietly standing in the snow .


727 mm × 512 mm


Sold out

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