Niseko Town people Charter, town development basics regulations

Kira Kaido

Niseko Townspeople Charter

By appreciating the blessing we have been given by the land, and the hard work of the people of this town, we put forward this charter with the hope that we will give this town a prosperous future for all to enjoy. (Established November 3, 1973)

We will respect nature and create a good living environment.
By abiding by the rules we will endeavor to make a brighter society.
We will strive for rich production together.
We promise to build a family that is healthy, working and enjoyable for all.
We will make Niseko a lively town filled in hope.

Niseko Town Basic Regulations of Community Development

This is a common framework used by the townspeople of Niseko in relation to promoting town development based on mutual participation and information exchange.
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Ordinance preamble

Niseko Town, with the knowledge passed down by those who came before and the cooperation and zeal of those who love the town celebrates each day. We strive to protect and cultivate the culture we have built here of mutual cooperation and aid to make a town all can be proud to call their own.

In Niseko Town, "Town Development" is considered a form of "autonomous" activity in which the people of Niseko Town think and act of their own accord to improve the town. We believe that this learned habit can be achieved by openness and the sharing of information.

This ordinance, put forward by the townspeople of Niseko, is based on the philosophy of making Niseko a town for all to enjoy in their daily life.

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