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Town chapter (enacted May 15, 1968)


A town chapter

It is a design of the town name "D", "S", "K", "N" means cloud, "S" means mountain, "K" means flow, figure of blue cloud, figure of immobility respectively Representing constant effort, relatively round peace and congregation, the summit and the foot of the mountain symbolize the leap and development, and the inner white part the clean heart and snow.

Geography and location


Position of Niseko town

Niseko town is east longitude 140 degrees 48 minutes, north latitude 42 degrees 52 minutes. Located in the western part of the central part of the Shimane Tube, it is situated in the center of the Shimane Tube and is surrounded by Mountain Yotei (1,898 m) to the east and Mountain of the National Park Niseko Annupuri (1,309 m) to the north to form a hilly basin with many wavy slopes.
In the middle of the town is the Rishirigawa (2004 Shimami Nippon), where small and medium rivers such as the Konbu River, Nisekoanbetsu River, Makikawa River flow in.
It has an inland climate, the average temperature is 6.3 degrees Celsius, and the winter's deepest snow cover can reach as much as 200 cm.
It is within 120 minutes by private car from Sapporo city and Chitose airport, within 90 minutes of private car from Otaru city.

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Origin of Niseko town

"Niseko" has the meaning of "A standing cliff" in the Ainu language.
In addition, "nupuri" means "mountain" in the Ainu language, and the mountain called "Niseko Annupuri" where there is a ski resort means in the Ainu language "a mountain with a distinct cliff (and a river beneath it)" Become.

History of Niseko Town

1895 (Meiji 28) yearI will enter Nishitomi, the first migrant of Honcho.
1897 (Meiji 30) yearIt divides from Abuta Village and enters the area of ​​Makkari village.
1901 (Meiji 34) yearThe village independence from Makkari village which is the neighboring village now.
Makari village character Makkari Satoru from "Taro Kimura" was named and established the office in Motomachi current.
1950 (Showa 25) yearTown regulation will be enforced.
Year 1964Renamed "Niseko Town".
2001 (Heisei 13) yearNiseko town opening 100 years. "Niseko Machi Town Development Community Ordinance" (Note 1) enforced.
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