MICE (Convention Guide)

Niseko in the northernmost island of Japan "Hokkaido" is known for the world's leading "powder snow", and it is very popular with skiers and snowboarders. Moreover, once you see it, you can wish for majestic and beautiful Mt. Yotei (Ezo Fuji) that you can not forget, and throughout the year its figure continues to attract visitors. People are gathering in Hokkaido from all over the world.
One reason for choosing Hokkaido is that many want to go to Niseko. There are lots of professionals involved in sightseeing in Niseko and we have a variety of activities to satisfy our customers from all over the world.
Niseko has internationally renowned hotels, excellent accommodations and conference halls. This area is particularly safe and welcomes tourists from the bottom of my heart. There are lots of variety of restaurants and cafés, as well as healthy Japanese cuisine incorporating local fresh vegetables. Restaurant menus and sightseeing information are translated not only in English but also in several languages, and friendly hospitality is one of the attractions of this area. A wonderful experience that you can not forget is waiting for you.
Whether you are planning a tour or meeting for both domestic and overseas companies, here in Niseko you will not suffer from language problems in particular, I am confident that you will enjoy yourself and have a meaningful time.
In addition to activities and gourmet making use of the great nature, there are excellent golf courses, the world's leading ski resort, 15 hot spring resorts, parks for mountain biking, football rivers and footpaths popular with anglers, You can enjoy the wilderness surrounded by national parks and monumental parks, so you can spend a lot of after-sales conventions. It is one of Niseko's greatest charm that this nature that does not stop attracting people throughout the four seasons.
Niseko is also known as "power spot", and it is said that wonderful ideas and inspiration will be born in such places.
I am very pleased if you choose Niseko at Niseko Town to have your meeting and vacation stimulate your inspiration and have a great time.

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