Study status of regional club activities

Background of consideration

Until now, sports club activities have ensured opportunities for students to become familiar with sports, and through activities in which students participate voluntarily and proactively, they have contributed to the acquisition of a sense of accomplishment, the improvement of learning motivation, a sense of responsibility, and the cultivation of a sense of solidarity. , has played a major role in contributing to the development of autonomy.
In addition, through club activities, in the course of interacting with people of different ages, we aim to build human relationships between students and teachers and students, etc., and students themselves increase their self-affirmation through activities. It is also a meaningful activity for school management, such as grasping the situation of participating students, improving motivation, and suppressing the occurrence of problem behavior.
In addition, it has greatly contributed to increasing the trust of students and parents in the school, as well as fostering a sense of unity and love for the school.
On the other hand, the situation of sports club activities in schools has become increasingly severe in recent years, especially in terms of sustainability.
In Japan, the total population has already entered a phase of decline, and the number of junior high school students is declining at an accelerated pace. In addition, in sports club activities at junior high schools, etc., teachers who have no experience in playing sports have no choice but to guide them, and teachers are required to lead sports club activities including holidays, lead competitions, and participate in the operation. It has become a heavy burden for

Regarding sports club activities at schools 2020 discussions have been held at the national level until now. From the 2023 we will plan a gradual regional shift of club activities on holidays, and teachers who do not want to coach club activities on holidays will not engage in club activities on holidays.

2021, the "Study Council on Regional Transition of Sports Club Activities" was established, and after eight meetings, it was summarized as a "recommendation" in June 2022.

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Niseko Town Holiday Club Activity Regional Transition Review Council

Niseko Town, based on the "recommendations" of the Sports Agency, from the perspective of building a desirable environment for club activities for children and students and securing a place for children's activities in the region, "Niseko Town Holiday club activities Regional shift review discussion meeting” was established.
In the future, the council will proceed with consideration of the creation of a system related to the regional shift of club activities on holidays.

Conference status

Date and time September 16, 2022 13:00 to 15:00
Place Niseko Town Hall 3rd Floor Town Hall
(1) Election of officers
(2) Agenda
・About the history and position of the establishment of the council
・About the situation in Honcho surrounding club activities
・Research discussion
(3) Others (about future council activities)
Part 2
日時 令和5年(2023年)2月22日 13:30から15:20
Place Niseko Town Hall 3rd Floor Town Hall
1 会長挨拶
2 議事
3 事務連絡
4 Other

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