Niseko Town Family Support Center business begins!


The Family Support Center is a paid volunteer project in which those who want to help with child-rearing and those who want to support child-rearing (supporters) become members and help each other with child-rearing in the community.
Niseko Town, we will launch a Family Support Center this year and start using it from June 1st!

<Isn't this the case? >
・ I want to keep an eye on my children, but I want to keep an eye on them for cleaning and doing household chores such as shopping.
・ I haven't been to the beauty salon for a while, and sometimes I want to take my time slowly
・ Although my younger child has just been born, my husband is busy with work and there are no relatives to rely on, so I am in trouble.
・ During the busy season of work, it is not possible to meet the nursery school and school children in time.

It doesn't matter what the reason is.

Rather than trying hard to raise a child alone, raising a child with the help of everyone will give you a little more comfort and make your family smile.

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