A full range of educational travel programs that utilize "town resources"! !! Take an educational trip at Niseko Town! !!


The "SDGs Educational Travel Program" conducted by Niseko Resort Tourism Association Co., Ltd. is posted on the "Hokkaido Educational Travel" site of the Hokkaido Tourism Promotion Organization.

What is the "SDGs Educational Travel Program"? We accept group trips from schools inside and outside Hokkaido, and learn about SDGs through lectures on community development in Niseko, the future city of SDGs, tours of facilities in the town, lectures on people related to the SDGs, and a game called Rogaine. It is a course to receive.

Niseko Town where the essence of learning SDGs is scattered throughout the town. We have a wide range of educational travel programs that utilize "town resources" such as unique townspeople with abundant life experience, diversity to accept people from home and abroad, and blessed natural environment.

The program can be assembled to order as much as possible.
If you are interested or educated, please contact the Niseko Resort Tourism Association.

Niseko Resort Tourism Association
Residence: 142 Chuodori, Niseko Town Abuta-gun, Hokkaido JR Niseko Station

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