Let's play at the warehouse-We will hold a workshop on scientific work.

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Niseko Town Revitalization Cooperation Volunteer is currently active with 14 people.
The members of the JOCV, while working for the government office and the tourism association, etc., the townsman movement meeting, Tanabata evening fireworks display, play festivals, etc.
We cooperate with various local events in the town.
Recently, as an event sponsored by JOCVs, as an opportunity for students to have fun with science for elementary school students in the town during summer vacation,
In addition, as a machine to play happily in the Niseko Central Warehouse Group,
We will hold a "day-to-day science craft workshop" at the warehouse.
Please join us as one of the memories of summer vacation.

◆ date 2019, August 15 (Thursday)
◆ Location Niseko Central Warehouse Group Former Starch Factory
◆ Contents, time ・ The making of kaleidoscope 10:00 to 11:30
-Split plane 13:30-15:00
※ 30 people each time (pre-registration ※ also if there is space)
◆ Lecturer of science lecturer representative Go Roku 6
◆ Primary schoolchild living in target town (preschool children are possible only in the case of participation in parent and child)
◆ Application From the application form such as reception table of central warehouse group setting, telephone, Facebook etc.
(A discount of ¥ 100 for the NISEKO BASE CAFE drink will be given to those who apply in advance.)
[Contact / Application]
ニセコ中央倉庫群(住所 中央通60-2) TEL:0136-55-5538
Responsible area revitalization cooperation team Sato

In addition, about area revival cooperation corps,
As we introduce in the following page and feature article of public information Niseko August issue,
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