Recruitment and activities of regional cooperation troops

In Niseko Town, juminhyo (certificate of residence) has been moved from the urban area, and the "local revitalization cooperatives" who have moved their living bases are now active.


While engaging in support activities for agriculture and tourism and community cooperation activities, we are also conducting training for self-Niseko Town



※現役・OB/OGの地域おこし協力隊の活動について、広報ニセコの特集で取り上げています。また、広報ニセコ 2021.10月号から協力隊の特設ページにて活動報告を毎月実施中!
Public information Niseko May, 2011 issue [Special feature] That person is now ...
Public relations Niseko 20 August 2008 [Special feature] Encountering people opens up the future Regional revitalization cooperation team and people who support the cooperation team
広報ニセコ 2021.7月号 【特集】ニセコ町を元気に!~地域おこし協力隊の挑戦
広報ニセコ 2022.8月号 【特集】こんな人がニセコ町にやってきた!地域おこし協力隊のご紹介
広報ニセコ 2023.7月号 【特集】地域おこし協力隊、こんなことやってます!


Recruitment personnel地域おこし協力隊 7名程度
※ For details, please check the following application guidelines
Recruitment period令和5年11月22日(水)~令和6年1月22日(月)※必着
Engagement period令和6年5月1日(別途個別に調整可能)~令和7年3月31日
* Appointed on a yearly basis
Location requirements過疎地域(条件不利地域)等に生活拠点を置かない人
* For details, please see the regional requirements confirmation table for the following special allocation tax measures.

Application form

Q & A for entry

Application method


合同会社ニセコベースキャンプ 奥田啓太
TEL 050-3395-0136
メール kyoryokutai-entry□「□を@へ変換してください」

Contact Information

合同会社ニセコベースキャンプ 奥田啓太
TEL 050-3395-0136
メール kyoryokutai-entry□「□を@へ変換してください」


Niseko Town Planning and Environment Division
Person in charge: Shimazaki
メール:jichi□   「□を@に変換してください」


Various menus are available, such as community revitalization cooperation teams, alumni, and exchanges with local residents. I'm interested in the local revitalization team at Niseko Town! But what do you do?
Does it suit you? I'm very anxious!
In response to the voice, we are looking for a "trial cooperation team" who can experience the cooperation team for only 3 days!


This program is coordinated by an emigration and settlement counselor (alumnus of the cooperation team) Niseko Town

For details, please check Niseko Town


Individual consultation by emigration and settlement support staff

Niseko Town we have set up an emigration consultation service in the Niseko Central Warehouse Group in addition to the department in charge of the government office, and have settled emigration settlement counselors to provide consultation.
This evacuation counselor is an alumnus of the regional cooperation team, and he also responds individually to counseling.
Please feel free to contact us. Online correspondence is also possible.

Please contact us from the following migration portal site.

Niseko Town revitalization cooperation activities

Niseko Town Revitalization Cooperation Volunteer also conducts overall activities in addition to their own activities.
We participate in cooperation booths at town events, perform art activities, and excite regional events.
Also, I participate as a staff member at various local events such as the townspeople 's sports festival, Tanabata night evening fireworks festival, Niseko marathon festival, Niseko Halloween, all - town child student ski competition, and so on.

*The activity status will be reported on the Niseko Town social contribution team SNS at any time.
Radio Niseko program "Because I like Niseko from JOCV~" (Every Monday 16:20~)But report the activity!
※ For the main activities list, please see the table at the bottom of this page.
"NISEKO" "Agricultural" OKAKI, a souvenir of oysters made from rice produced in Niseko, produced by the regional development cooperation team assigned to the Niseko Central Warehouse Group.

About the package...
The shape and appearance modeled on the former starch factory of the Central Warehouse Group, with the four seasons on the walls. Yoriko Okumura (NASUNINJIN Design and Works), an artist from the cooperation team OG, has also worked on this design.
Through repeated meetings, we incorporated the design of Niseko's connection with nature and agriculture. It is a "work" that you want to decorate even after eating sweets.
The second souvenir is


-Niseko potato rice crackers-

No artificial preservatives or colorings are used, so
From small children to the elderly, you can eat with confidence.

A state of the community revitalization project in art.
I did a wall painting of the studio of a local photographer.
Painting also on grass rolls in front of JR Niseko station. I painted it with the town people who visited me and tourists.
Production of shining cubes and chairs at Niseko's winter event "Scenic Night". In addition, we made lamps using gourds from Niseko Town, and gently illuminated Niseko's winter nights.


地元紙の一つ北海道新聞の特集「北海道 移住者たちの選択」で、2020年10月から協力隊となった5人が連続で紹介されています。動画での紹介もあり。
This is a PR video created during the activities of the regional revitalization cooperation team.


Cooperative OB / Niseko Town Emigration Settlement Counselor for consultation

The OB of the Regional Development Cooperation Team will answer your questions as a Niseko Town Emigration Settlement Counselor.
Emigrated in the family, and entrepreneurship through the activities of JOCV, counselor of raising children is, that of JOCV, Niseko Town things, Niseko Town, such as that of living in, and then tell the raw voice advice.
Please contact us from the following migration portal site.


Please refer to the following for the "Regional Removal Cooperation Volunteers" system.
● I'm excited! Events in Niseko

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