Recruitment and activities of regional cooperation troops

In Niseko Town, juminhyo (certificate of residence) has been moved from the urban area, and the "local revitalization cooperatives" who have moved their living bases are now active.
Regional ostrich cooperation volunteers, in harmony with the environment, to attract talented people from the city with new ideas and abilities to aim for a balanced community development that cooperates with agriculture, tourism and commerce, to maintain and strengthen regional power The town is commissioned for the purpose of aiming.
While engaged in support activities for agriculture and tourism and community cooperation activities, we also provide training to settle down and settle in Niseko Town in the future, by hiring and starting a business.

* 2020 degree (FY2020) Regional recruitment of additional volunteers has ended.

* Next time, we are planning to apply for recruitment in 2021 (from 2021.4), and we plan to start recruiting from around the end of November 2020.

* The activities of the active OB / OG community promotion team are featured in the Niseko Special Feature.
Public information Niseko May, 2011 issue [Special feature] That person is now ...
Public relations Niseko 20 August 2008 [Special feature] Encountering people opens up the future Regional revitalization cooperation team and people who support the cooperation team


Recruitment personnelRegional development cooperation team about 5

Agriculture, wine, public transport, sports, parenting support
There is a proposal recruitment frame that makes use of your own skills, experience, passion (thoughts for Niseko)
※ For details, please check the following application guidelines
Recruitment period2020 June 29 (Mon) -2020 August 21 (Friday)
Engagement period2020 October 1 until - the date to be set individually between 2021 March 31, appointed in year unit ※
Up to 3 years (2020 October 1st up to 2023 September 30)
Location requirementsPerson who does not place base of life in depopulated area
* For details, please see the regional requirements confirmation table for the following special allocation tax measures.

Application form

Q & A for entry

Application method

Please fill in the necessary information on the entry sheet, report, resume and pledge, and send it by postal mail, fax, or e-mail to the address below.
* Some documents may be required depending on the assignment destination. Please check the application guidelines

Hokkaido, Abuta-gun, Niseko-Cho, Fujimi 47​ ​
Niseko Town Planning and Environment Division
FAX: 0136-44-3500

Individual consultation by emigration and settlement support staff

Niseko Town we have set up an emigration consultation service in the Niseko Central Warehouse Group in addition to the department in charge of the government office, and have settled emigration settlement counselors to provide consultation.
This evacuation counselor is an alumnus of the regional cooperation team, and he also responds individually to counseling.
Please feel free to contact us. Online correspondence is also possible.

Please contact us from the following migration portal site.

Contact Information

Niseko Town Planning and Environment Division
Officer: Kawakawa, Yamamoto
Phone number: 0136-44-2121

Counseling BO / Niseko Town Emigration Settlement Counseling

The OB of the Regional Development Cooperation Team will answer your questions as a Niseko Town Emigration Settlement Counselor.
Emigrated in the family, and entrepreneurship through the activities of JOCV, counselor of raising children is, that of JOCV, Niseko Town things, Niseko Town, such as that of living in, and then tell the raw voice advice.
Please contact us from the following migration portal site.

Niseko Town revitalization cooperation activities

Niseko Town Revitalization Cooperation Volunteer also conducts overall activities in addition to their own activities.
We participate in cooperation booths at town events, perform art activities, and excite regional events.
Also, I participate as a staff member at various local events such as the townspeople 's sports festival, Tanabata night evening fireworks festival, Niseko marathon festival, Niseko Halloween, all - town child student ski competition, and so on.

*The activity status will be reported on the Niseko Town social contribution team SNS at any time.
Radio Niseko program "Because I like Niseko from JOCV~" (Every Monday 16:20~)But report the activity!
※ For the main activities list, please see the table at the bottom of this page.
"NISEKO" "Agricultural" OKAKI, a souvenir of oysters made from rice produced in Niseko, produced by the regional development cooperation team assigned to the Niseko Central Warehouse Group.

About the package...
The shape and appearance modeled on the former starch factory of the Central Warehouse Group, with the four seasons on the walls. Yoriko Okumura (NASUNINJIN Design and Works), an artist from the cooperation team OG, has also worked on this design.
Through repeated meetings, we incorporated the design of Niseko's connection with nature and agriculture. It is a "work" that you want to decorate even after eating sweets.
A state of the community revitalization project in art.
I did a wall painting of the studio of a local photographer.
Painting also on grass rolls in front of JR Niseko station. I painted it with the town people who visited me and tourists.
Production of shining cubes and chairs at Niseko's winter event "Scenic Night". In addition, we made lamps using gourds from Niseko Town, and gently illuminated Niseko's winter nights.


Please refer to the following for the "Regional Removal Cooperation Volunteers" system.
● I'm excited! Events in Niseko
List of planning and exhibition sponsored by JOC

July - OctoberRegional revitalization project with artMural paintings in the town photographer Gary - Adding art content to the Halloween event, Kikunoyu former grass roll painting (town and tourist participation type)
AugustNiseko View Plaza Exhibited Cooperation Volunteer Booth at the Autumn Harvest · Great Thanksgiving FestivalOriginal Niseko curry sales using vegetables from Niseko Town(100 meals sold out), Niseko grilled vegetables sales (200 dishes sold out)
OctoberExhibited Cooperation Volunteer Booth at Niseko Industry FestivalIntroduction of military personnel, sales of crew members
November ~Office YogaTrial implementation at Niseko Town Office to promote health and improve work efficiency
FebruaryScheduled original project with Niseko Scenic NightLast time, he made a planetarium on snow at Kamakura, exhibited glowing cubes and chairs, exhibited lamps made with Niseko Town gourds, fireworks launches, etc.
Last MarchPosted in magazine 'Hokkaido life'Introduction of Cooperation Volunteers' activities in nationwide "Hokkaido life" where readers are interested in Hokkaido relocation · PR

<Example of 2019>
JulyExhibited at "Taro Yoshikura Design Conference in Niseko"Provision of welcome vegetables (from Niseko Town)
July-OctoberVideo distribution of sightseeing activities etc. by using Niseko collectionVideo distribution of summer sightseeing activities in the Niseko area, such as rafting, hot air balloons, and stone kiln pizza. Proposal of tourism model course based on it
AugustHolding a science workshopProviding an opportunity for children during summer vacation to participate in parent-child science and experience science that can also be used for free research
AugustNiseko View Plaza Exhibited Cooperation Volunteer Booth at the Autumn Harvest · Great Thanksgiving FestivalOriginal Niseko soup curry with Niseko vegetables (190 meals sold out), Niseko melon sandwich sale (50 meals sold out)
SeptemberParticipated in a booth at the Niseko Town location movie "simgle mom Friendly Family" screening festival, and provided support for childcare and watchingFilm screenings for children, fair corner, outdoor play/climbing wall experience, daycare, etc.
OctoberExhibited Cooperation Volunteer Booth at Niseko Industry FestivalIntroducing members, selling products made by members, selling original Niseko soup curry with vegetables from Niseko (45 meals sold out)
DecemberHolding of Christmas potluck party and candle making workshopNiseko Town In collaboration with international exchange staff, we hold Christmas events and provide opportunities for international exchange.
FebruaryCooperation with Scenic Yakinik NightSnow image making, cooperation team introduction/activity PR, member made product PR
December-FebruaryIllumination installation in central warehousesIllumination by portable power supply installed at one corner of warehouses, lighting at event
-Development of new Niseko souvenirsCommercialization of "Okaki" made from Niseko rice
The package is also designed by the cooperation team OB
● I am helping you! Regional activities
Main local activities and events that the JOCV is assisting with staff, etc. (Recent examples)
AprilShimo Black & White Show (Kyokai)
MaySake rice field planting experience
JuneHalloween pumpkin settlers
Kira highway planting
Asoppuku Festival
Niseko mountain lake searching, clean operation
Niseko elementary school rice planting experience
JulyContact townmen's sports festival
Niseko Classic, Niseko Yotei Fan Ride
Niseko Star Festival
Taro Yoshizo Design Conference in Niseko
Niseko Town Livestock Society, Shiribeshi Beef Society
AugustSmall hometown making evening fireworks festival of Tanabata
SDGs High School Future Conference in Niseko
Niseko View Plaza Autumn Harvest / Great Thanksgiving
Shiribeshi Study Abroad (Summer Program)
Niseko Elementary School Tree Training Class
Niseko Kanta Shrine festival
Niseko Welfare Festival
Shinki breast cow promotion association
SeptemberSake rice harvesting experience
Kira Kira
Niseko Marathon Festival
Niseko Community School "Annupuri Mountaineering"
All Niseko Town location movie "simgle mom friendly family" screening festival
Halloween pumpkin harvest
OctoberNiseko Halloween
Sake rice reaping exchange meeting (Kuran)
Industry Festival
Halloween Jack o Lantern making
Niseko elementary school rice reaping experience
Halloween jack-o-lantern lit
NovemberHalloween pumpkin withdrawal
JanuaryPicture book world
Kids park
FebruaryNiseko Japonica
Scenic Night
Shiribeshi study abroad (winter program)
Niseko Town Ski Festival
In MarchHalloween pumpkin plastic house installed
May-NovemberEchinococcus bait spraying
GW, New Year holidays, etc.Support for daycare business in town
At any timeChildcare support at community planning courses

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