Announcement of Niseko station front hot spring drill construction work


We are going to drill hot spring wells (osensei) at Kira yu parking lot to investigate the potential of hot spring heat in the Niseko station front area.
We will carry out after careful consideration of safety management and soundproofing / anti-vibration measures concerning the excavation work and well capacity investigation period, please humbly please understand.

1. Business name Survey of thermal potential in the surrounding area of ​​the station and examination of heat supply system Consignment service
Niseko station front hot spring well well drilling construction
2. Work place Niseko Chuo-dori 7th (inside the Kimonoyu parking lot on the station front)
(Please refer to 'Guide map of hot spring well drilling construction site' below.)
3. Implementation Period From June 6, 30 th to 30 th September, Heisei 30
4. Working time · Drilling work 8: 00 ~ 19: 00
· Preparation work 7: 00 ~ 8: 00
· Cleaned up from 19:00 to 20:00
· Well monitoring survey 24 hours
5. Drilling company Drilling Co., Ltd. Takanori Otani
6. Work etc. 1) We will work with sufficient consideration for sound insulation and seismic control measures so as not to hinder the living environment.
2) For carry-in and carry-out by a large-sized vehicle, we will do so while avoiding the time zone of the school.
3) During the excavation work, we are planning to do the work on the national holidays from the necessity of preservation inside the well hole.
We appreciate your understanding.
7. Design Management Kita Electric General Design Co., Ltd.
8. Business Niseko Town

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