We are looking for temporary staff of the Board of Education of Heisei 30

Niseko Town Board of Education is recruiting temporary staff to be hired on April 1, 2018. Please note that there are differences in employment conditions and work content depending on the type of job.
For applicants, please fill out the necessary information on the resume and be sure to bring the principal to the submission counter. We will select recruitment by document and interview. (For infant center temporary substitute teacher / nursery teacher, we do screen interview only and do not interview.)

Offering content

Job types / number of people

  • Niseko elementary school temporary clerk: 1 person
  • School lunch center Temporary cook: 3 people
  • Child Care Center Child Care Personnel: 1
  • Infant Center Temporary Alternative Teacher and Nurse: Some

Recruitment period

From Thursday, February 15, 1930 to March 14 (Wednesday), Heisei 30
Date for submitting resume: March 14, Heisei 30 (Wed)

Interview date / place / place

From March 1, 2018 (Monday) 1:00 p.m. at Niseko Town Government Office No. 2 Government Building
(Because interview time etc. depends on the number of applicants, we will contact the application person separately.)

In addition, detailed application guidelines please see below

Application / Inquiries

  • Temporary clerk
Board of Education School Education Division General Affairs Section
担当:亀山 電話:0136-44-2101
  • Temporary cook
School lunch center
担当:高田 電話:0136-44-2609
  • Charged childcare professional etc.
Infant Center
担当:酒井 電話:0136-44-2700

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