Result of the Niseko town development plan evaluation committee

Conference results etc.

Result of the Niseko town development plan evaluation committee
In Niseko Town, we have implemented a variety of projects, mainly from the construction work based on the Urban Renovation and Improvement Plan of Niseko Urban Area Utilizing the National Social Capital Development General Grant from FY2011 to FY2010. In the final year of the project over the five-year period, we are conducting ex post evaluation to objectively evaluate how much the goal set in the urban renewal plan has been achieved.
At Niseko Town Town Development Grant Evaluation Committee,
  1. "Deliberation on ex post evaluation procedures, etc."
  2. "Deliberation on future town planning measures etc." was carried out.

Niseko Town Community Development Grant Evaluation Committee

Date and timeTuesday, February 16, Heisei 14: 00 ~ 16: 50
VenueNiseko-cho town office reporters waiting room
Attendees4 members, 3 secretariats
Conference schedule· Outline explanation of ex-post evaluation system
· Description of town development in the area concerned
· Deliberation on ex-post evaluation procedures etc.
· Deliberation on future town planning

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