We are looking for members of "Niseko Town Eco-Model City Promotion Committee"

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In Niseko Town, we made a "Climate Emergency Declaration" and announced that we would aim for "Zero Carbon" in 2050, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming to virtually zero.
In order to achieve that zero carbon, greenhouse gas emission reduction (86% reduction target compared to 2015) and economic activities based on the "Second Niseko Town Eco-Model City Action Plan" (established in March 2019) We have set up the "Eco-Model City Promotion Committee" to discuss revitalization.
Sustainable regions to implement advanced efforts with the two wheels of "mitigation" to curb future emissions and "adaptation" to deal with the effects of climate change and adjust the state of nature and society. We plan to deliberate on the establishment of ordinances for economic development and succession of a favorable environment.
Therefore, we are looking for people to join this committee as members.
We look forward to your application.
[Eligibility for application] ・ Niseko Town who are registered as residents in Niseko Town.
・ Persons over 20 years old (as of June 1, 1945)
・ Those who are interested in decarbonization and climate change countermeasures and can attend this committee held two to three times a year.
[Public offering number] 2 people
【Term】  July 21, 2022 ~ July 20, 2024 (2 years) Reiwa 2022 (2022)
[How to apply] Please fill in the required items on the application form and apply by bringing, mailing, faxing or e-mailing.
[Application deadline] June 20, 2022
Postmark is valid on the day of mail
[Others] Please note that the person in charge may ask for an interview.
(Basically, the selection will be based on the contents of the application form.)
The result of the selection will be announced at a later date.
Application / Inquiries
Niseko Town Planning and Environment Division Eco-Model City Promotion Section
Person in charge: Hasebe (when the person in charge is absent: Shimazaki)
   電話:0136-44-2121 FAX:0136-44-3500
Email: kankyo-e@town.niseko.lg.jp

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