<Public comment> We are soliciting opinions on the establishment and revision of environment-related ordinances.

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In recent years, global warming has progressed rapidly, and serious weather disasters have occurred frequently, leading to an ongoing environmental crisis on a global scale. Eco-Model City Action Plan," the town is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which are the main cause of global warming. As part of this, new rules (regulations) have been created and further efforts have been made. I would like to proceed.
The specific names of the Niseko Town Renewable Energy Business" and "Ordinance on Promoting Niseko Town Bicycles", and with the enactment of these ordinances, "Niseko Town Environment" We will also revise a part of the "Basic Ordinance", and we are soliciting opinions on the drafts of these ordinances.
We look forward to hearing from you.
○ General inspection and opinion solicitation period From January 20th (Wednesday) to February 10th (Wednesday), 2021
○ Inspection location Niseko Town Hall Planning and Environment Division, Niseko Town Homepage
○ Opinion submission destination Niseko Town Hall Planning and Environment Division
○ How to submit your opinion Bring or mail 〒048-1595 47 Fujimi, Niseko Town
Niseko Town Planning and Environment Division (Postmark is valid on the day of mail)
             FAX    0136-44-3500
Email kankyo-e ★ town.niseko.lg.jp
○ Publication of opinions We plan to make an announcement on the Planning and Environment Division of the government office and the Niseko Town website by 2021
○ Inquiries Niseko Town Hall Planning and Environment Division Eco-Model City Promotion Section Sasaki, Kashiwagi
             電話:0136-44-2121  FAX:0136-44-3500
Email: kankyo-e ★ town.niseko.lg.jp
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〇 Ordinance on appropriate promotion of renewable energy business

〇 Ordinance to promote the proper use of bicycles in Niseko Town

〇 Ordinance to partially revise the Niseko Town

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