Miyuki Meigaku harpsichord concert

Miyuki Meigaku harpsichord concert


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Miyuki Mingakura (harpsichord player)
Born from Kyoto. A harpsichord player. Completed the Department of Music Faculty, Osaka College of Music. Supported by Mr. V · Margulis (German · Freiburg music university), acquired artistic drama. In 2010, we launched the "Contemporary Kitaurama Ship Project" aiming to connect between cultures and cultures and to promote inter-regional exchange, showing active activity.

Performance music

J. S. Bach composition
I hear a voice calling me awake.

G. Kachini composition
Ave · Maria

G. F. Handel's composition
Aria of tears


Date and time

Sunday, October 7, 2018 Opening at 13:00 (Opening at 12:30)


Niseko Town Arishima Memorial Hall Art Hall


Only permanent exhibition viewing fee is available for viewing

Permanent exhibition viewing fee (entrance fee) / general: 500 yen (group of 10 or more: 400 yen) High school student: 100 yen
※ junior high school students following and 65 years of age or older of Niseko Town people is free
Annual passport (valid for one year) Adult: 800 yen High school student: 200 yen


Niseko Town Arishima Memorial Hall

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