About holding briefing session about Miyata elevated bridge construction accompanied with the opening of Hokkaido Shinkansen


Currently, in the Hokkaido Shinkansen construction project, we are carrying out four tunnel constructions in Niseko Town. As a future construction, the construction of the section (light section) that passes between the tunnel and the tunnel will start.
Therefore, the Railway Transport Organization will hold a briefing session as follows regarding the construction status of the Shinkansen construction work and the construction plan for the light section construction.
Please join us.

◇ Date and time: Tuesday 2022 October 18, 2020, 18:00-

◇ Location Niseko Town Center 2nd Floor Training Room 1

◇ Contents of explanation Progress status of construction under construction
Construction outline
Construction content/section
Construction quantity/procedure
Work hours, operation of construction vehicles, safety and environmental measures

◇ Contact: Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency
Hokkaido Shinkansen Construction Bureau Niseko Railway Construction Office
        TEL0136-43-2800(担当 古山、古久保)


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