Requests and support money to businesses such as restaurants due to priority measures such as prevention of spread


We would like to inform you about the requests and support money for all the businesses of all roads due to the priority measures such as prevention of spread.

About the contents of the request to restaurants, etc.

1. 1. Request period
    January 27, 2022 (Thursday) 2022 (Sunday), Reiwa 25 days
* At the latestSaturday, January 29Respond to the request from

2. Target area All provinces

3. Elephant facility
[Restaurant] Restaurant (including izakaya), coffee shop, etc. (excluding home delivery and take-out services)
[Entertainment facilities] Stores that are licensed to operate restaurants under the Food Sanitation Law, such as cabarets and karaoke boxes.
And karaoke shops that have not received a restaurant business license
[Wedding hall] A wedding hall that has a restaurant business license under the Food Sanitation Law

4. Request details
[Hokkaido restaurant infection control certification system certified store]
・ Select one of the following (the initial selection cannot be changed)
1. Business hours: 5am to 9pm, Alcoholic beverages: 11am to 8pm
2. Business hours: From 5:00 to 20:00, alcoholic beverages are served: Stopped all day

[Restaurant other than the above]
Business hours: From 5:00 to 20:00, alcoholic beverages are served: Stopped all day
[Common to certified and non-certified stores]
・ Up to 4 people can enter the same table in the same group.
* All subjects will not be tested and the vaccine / test package system will not be applied.
・ Comply with industry-specific guidelines and infection control checklist items.
・ When providing karaoke equipment, take thorough infection control measures such as avoiding crowds of users and ensuring ventilation.
・ We will work to obtain certification for the Hokkaido restaurant infection control certification system, which can appeal our efforts to prevent infection.

Support money when responding to a request

During the request period from January 27 (Thursday) to February 20 (Sunday), support funds will be provided to all businesses that respond to the request during the entire period after January 29 (Saturday) at the latest. there is.
As soon as the application time and application method are decided, we will inform you on the Hokkaido website, so please wait.

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