Niseko Town will appear at the world's largest sustainable tourism event "GREEN DAYS".

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The world's largest sustainable tourism event "GREEN DAYS" (sponsored by Green Destinations (Netherlands)), which is scheduled from October 4th (Monday) to 7th (Thursday) and is attended by more than 1000 tourists from around the world. ) ・ Online format) will be held this year.
Niseko Town was selected as the host of the 5th day subcommittee "Nature, Culture, Overtourism" (18:00 to 23:00), and Eri Suzuki, who was appointed as a regional revitalization cooperation team from April this year, announced a case study. I will be the moderator.
In the second half, the selection results of the "TOP 100", which Niseko Town
Niseko Town has been making entries for the second consecutive year, and as a participating organization for the second year, the number of examination items will increase from 15 to 30, but we are challenging the "TOP 100".
In Niseko Town, we have been working on "sustainable tourism" in earnest since last year, and on July 2, this year, eight local governments that started working on sustainable tourism in Japan said, "Japan's" sustainable tourism ". 』Established" Regional Council ".
This participation is also positioned as a promotion activity of the council.
◆ October 5th (Tuesday) schedule (Japan time)
18: 00-18: 30 Opening
18: 30-21: 00 "Nature / Culture / Overtourism"
21: 30-22: 30 "TOP100 Announcement"
◆ How to watch
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