About holding "Council on geothermal utilization (open)"


With the start of the geothermal resource development survey in the Niseko Mountains, Niseko Town and Rankoshi Town have set up a council consisting of hot spring operators, environment / energy / tourism-related organizations, experts, etc. We are engaged in study sessions and case studies.

This time, 2021 To begin the efforts of the degree, in addition to the description of the efforts that the Council is carried out, received an explanation from the company (Nihonjukagakukogyo Co., Ltd., Mitsui Oil Exploration Co., Ltd.), get a wide range of opinions It is supposed to be.

In the future, it is expected that the stage will advance to a detailed survey aimed at geothermal power generation, so I hope that you will have the opportunity to think about the utilization of geothermal resources.

This council can be heard regardless of the municipality where you live, and no prior application is required.
We appreciate your participation by many people.
Date and time: 2021 13: 30- (about 1 hour)
Location: Niseko Town residents Center first floor of the Great Hall

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