<Completion of wooden playset! > Unveiling of two-story wooden playsets at the old starch factory & tasting of original Yurine products from the town


Original wooden playsets have been installed in the former starch factory of the Niseko Central Warehouses.
This playset was made by reusing old wood and equipment from the Niseko Central Warehouses and requesting a local log builder. We hope that children can play like a secret base with the two-story original playset.
To commemorate the completion, we will hold an unveiling party.

This is a project that started with the situation that the local lily root, which has finally reached the harvest after several years, has been narrowed down due to the corona virus and is in stock at the farmer's warehouse.
We will also hold a tasting party for this original lily root product (pie manju, butter, jam).

Please join us.

* The event will be held after taking measures against new coronavirus infection.
* Please cooperate in wearing a mask and disinfecting your fingers.
* Please refrain from participating if you are not feeling well.
* Admission may be restricted if there are many participants.

Date and time: From 15:00 on Sunday, March 21
Location: Niseko Central Warehouse Group Old starch factory
Application: not required


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