About high-performance housing (energy-saving and comfortable living) experience session


Currently, Niseko Town we are promoting a plan of NISEKO life model district (SDGs city block) of the town planning company "Corporation Niseko city" has become a principal. In the SDGs block, while aiming for sustainable town development, we are advocating high-performance housing (living comfortably even with energy saving), which is one of the concepts.
This time, we will hold a high-performance rental housing experience event that is expected in the SDGs block.

* Please see the following town homepage for the business outline of NISEKO life / model district, town development company, and SDGs.

■ Date and time
One of the following. Limited to one group, it will be held from 30 minutes to 1 hour.
2/14 (Sun) 10: 00-16: 00 (10: 00-, 11: 00-, 12: 00-, 13: 00-, 14: 00-, 15: 00-)
2/17 (Wednesday) 14: 00-20: 00 (14: 00-, 15: 00-, 16: 00-, 17: 00-, 18: 00-, 19: 00-)

■ Application / Inquiry
Please apply for the desired time zone and number of people by the email address below
After that, we will make an application reservation with confirmation.
In addition, applications will be accepted by the day before the experience session.
In addition, we would like to ask those who participated to cooperate in a simple questionnaire.

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■ Location
Niseko Town in
* Because this is a private apartment, we will inform the person who made the reservation about the detailed address and location.
* You can also wake up by car.

■ Infectious disease countermeasures
When participating, wear a mask to prevent COVID-19
Please refrain from participating if you are worried about your physical condition such as coughing or fever.

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