About holding the international exchange event "7th Picture Book World"

Sightseeing and event information

We would like to thank everyone who participated and cooperated in holding the "6th Picture Book World" last year.

This year, as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infection, we will disseminate the appeal of picture books to everyone through Radio Niseko.
We will introduce readers and languages that change every day, as well as picture books that have been handed down from ancient times in the home countries of international exchange members.
Please look forward to it!

■ Date and time February 1st (Monday) to February 26th (Friday), 2021 13:10 to 13:25
■視聴方法 ラジオニセコ(FM76.2MHz、YouTube)
■ Others The contents of the first week will be rebroadcast in the third week, and the contents of the second week will be rebroadcast in the fourth week.
■ Inquiries International Exchange Staff (Absent: Office Planning and Environment Division)

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