It will be easier to use telework! (Expansion of telework room in Niseko Central Warehouse Group)


In order for more people to utilize the Niseko Central Warehouses (especially for teleworking)
About the creative activity room on the 2nd floor of the old starch factory
From December, some days of the week are rented out as a telework room (telework subroom) (for a fee).
Anyone can use it, so
Please use it for work, work, etc. in a place different from usual.
In addition, when using, wear a mask, disinfect hands, regular ventilation, etc.
We ask for your cooperation in measures against the new coronavirus.

● Lending period: December 1, 2020 Reiwa-March 31st, 2021
● Rental days: Monday / Thursday-Sunday
* Paid rental as a creative activity room on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
● Rental booth: 3 booths
● Rental fee: 550 yen ~
● Advance application: Not required. Please speak to the staff when using

* Existing telework rooms (private rooms) are for corporate contracts and long-term contracts.

Telework subroom

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