Notice about telework introduction support subsidy


We are pleased to inform you that in Hokkaido, as a measure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, a project to subsidize part of the expenses related to the introduction of telework has started.


2020 December 1st-2021 3rd March 5th
(If the application amount exceeds the budget amount of the road, the reception will be closed even during the period.)

Subject recipient

SMEs and corporations in Hokkaido, etc.
(Medical corporations, social welfare corporations, school corporations, etc. are also eligible.)

Auxiliary requirements

Introduce terminals and information and communication equipment, and carry out telework for the next few days.

・ Introducing terminals and information and communication equipment, etc. 1 day or more per terminal
・ In case of only introduction of information and communication equipment, etc. 1 day or more per business operator

Subsidy rate

Maximum amount 650,000 yen (Target expense maximum amount about 866,000 yen)

Contact Information

Work Style Reform Promotion Office, Employment and Labor Division, Labor Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Hokkaido
TEL : 011-204-5354 FAX : 011-232-1038

Please download the business details and application form from the website below.

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