2020 degree 2nd Niseko Town Eco-Model City will host the Promotion Committee


This committee discusses and discusses concrete measures for achieving the goals set forth in the "2nd Niseko Town Eco-Model City Action Plan" with academics outside the town, related organizations in the town, and townspeople committee members. I will do it.
2020 the degree of the second Council will be held as follows.
■ From 10:00 to 12:00 on Thursday 2020
■ Place Niseko Town Hall 2nd floor Representative waiting room
■ Agenda Niseko Town Climate Change Countermeasure Promotion Ordinance (draft)
About formulation of "building renewable energy equipment introduction examination manual"
In addition, since this meeting is an open meeting based on the Town Development Basic Ordinance, anyone can listen. If you would like to listen, please come directly to the venue on the day of the committee.
When listening, please wear a mask to prevent new coronavirus infection, and refrain from listening if you have a cough or fever and are unwell.
Contact Information
Niseko Town Office Planning and Environment Section Eco-Model City Promotion Section (Person in charge: Sasaki, Kashiwagi)
Address: 47, Fujimi, Niseko Town 048-1595
   電話:0136-44-2121  FAX:0136-44-3500