Please answer the census (mail and internet replies until 10/7)


2020 The census is being conducted all over the country with October 1st as the base date.
It seems that the investigator in charge of the district has already visited your home and the questionnaire has been distributed.
 If you would like to reply online or by mail, please wait until October 7th (Wednesday).Please do not forget it.
(Internet answers can be done on your smartphone, which is very easy!)
After the 8th, only the paper questionnaire will be submitted, so the investigator will visit again and ask to collect the questionnaire.
If you have not received the questionnaire, please contact the government office.

47 Fujimi, Niseko Town 048-1595
Niseko Town Office Planning and Environment Division (Statistical Survey Section) Yoshida, Toru Saito
  電話 0136-44-2121(内線270)

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