<Video released> 193rd Town Development Townspeople Lecture: Niseko Town Co., Ltd. started!


We have released a video of what happened on the day.
If you couldn't participate, please take a look.

* Due to editing, some contents may differ from the materials used in the lecture.
* The content of the lecture is under planning, so it is expected that changes will be made in the future.

In July 2020, the town development company "Niseko Town Co., Ltd." was established.
Starting with the construction of the “NISEKO Life/Model Area” aiming for sustainable development and the regional energy business, we will start activities that will play a part in the future of new town development in Niseko Town.
Therefore, in this townsman course, after introducing the members of the new company, the vision that the company is aiming for, and the current situation of the NISEKO life / model district, what kind of relationship will we create with the townspeople? , I would like to think with you.
Participation is free and no application is required.
Please contact us in advance as we will support childcare.
■Date: September 17th (Thursday) 18:00 to 20:00 (planned)
■ Location: Niseko Town residents Center Great Hall
■ Participation / application: Free participation, no application required

The 193rd Town Development Townspeople Course: Niseko Town Co., Ltd. started!

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