We have started distributing videos of lectures on this town development townsman course on the official video channel of the town.
If you couldn't attend due to circumstances on the day, please take a look.

Townsman course flyer
Forests that have multiple functions, such as water resources, soil, conservation of biodiversity, provision of recreation space, and prevention of global warming. As a premise, it is necessary for forests to be maintained and managed soundly through the use of timber, and for forest resources to be used cyclically.
Forests are an important regional resource that occupies 67% of the total area of Niseko Town, but what is the situation, where is the timber produced in the town used, and its function is fully demonstrated. There are many things that I do not know unexpectedly.
Niseko Town we are working on three aspects of economy, society and environment in an integrated manner based on the "2nd Eco-Model City Action Plan" and the "SDGs Future City Plan" with the aim of sustainable city development.
Forests that also include various elements that contribute to SDGs. What kind of way to interact with the mountains and forests close to everyone will lead to better town development, this townsman course has developed a project to increase the value of forests nationwide and is currently entrusted with the work of Niseko Town, I would like to have Mr. Takemoto of Tobimushi Co., Ltd., who is promoting this approach together with the town, give a lecture and think with everyone.

Date and time: Thursday, August 27, 2020, 18:00 to 20:00
Location: Niseko Central Warehouse Group No. 1 Warehouse
Lecturer: Yoshiteru Takemoto, President, Tobushimi Co., Ltd.
Participation: Free, no application required
 Daycare: Yes (If you wish, please contact us by August 19th)
 問合:役場企画環境課自治創生係 0136-44-2121

* Please wear a mask to prevent new coronavirus infection when participating.
In addition, please refrain from participation if you are uncomfortable with a cough or fever.

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