About admission to the Learning Exchange Center (ASOBUKU)


Everyone who plays

From Wednesday, June 17, it is possible to enter the facility, although it is subject to conditions.
[Conditions for use]
〇The length of stay within the building is limited to 20 minutes.
〇Chairs/tables in the hall and PCs for reading cannot be used.
* Please cooperate in creating the visitor record. (Name, contact information, physical examination, etc.)
* Please cooperate with wearing masks and disinfecting your hands in the hall.
★We apologize for any inconvenience.
Going forward, we will aim for normal operation while keeping in mind the transition of new coronavirus measures.
We will be preparing for this, so thank you for your understanding.

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     学習交流センター(あそぶっく)   TEL 0136-43-2155

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