Food poisoning alarm No. 1 from Kutchan health center has been issued (2020 degree)


The Kutchan health department issued food poisoning warning No. 1.
The period is 48 hours from 10 am Wednesday, June 10 to 10 am Friday, June 12.
Please pay attention to the following, especially during this period.
· Store the food at low temperature such as putting it in a refrigerator.
· Cook fresh food such as fish and shellfish as soon as possible and eat early.
· Food is often eaten through fire.
· Clean and disinfect cooking utensils such as towels and cutting boards.
For more information, please contact the Food Health Section of the Public Health Section of the Kutchan Health Center (Telephone 23-1961) or the office townspeople living section living environment manager (Phone 44-2121): Sato.

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