About Hokkaido Corona Infection Information Notification System


The purpose of this system is to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus at facilities and events used by an unspecified number of people.
If you register your e-mail address from the QR code when using the facility or participating in the event, we will notify you by e-mail from Hokkaido when a new coronavirus infected person is confirmed from those who used the same facility on the same day To do.
Although it is highly possible that the infected person was using the same facility with this system, it is not possible to tell how much contact there was, so the user may not be suspected of being infected.
First of all, pay sufficient attention to physical condition management, conduct thermometry, encourage hand washing, wear a mask, etc.If you are uncomfortable with your physical condition, please consult the consultation center of the prefectural government.
Please see the link below for details.

Contact address

Hokkaido New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters
Phone number: 011-206-0289

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