Exceptions to fixed asset tax for capital investment to improve productivity will be expanded / extended


This system is based on the "Introduction Promotion Basic Plan" formulated by the local government, and for small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses that have been certified as "Introduction plan for advanced equipment, etc." It is possible to receive tax exceptions (zero to 1/2), and in Niseko Town, we formulated the "Introduction Promotion Basic Plan" in June 2018, and set the exception rate to zero.

Recently, in the country, the scope of application of this special measure has been expanded from the viewpoint of supporting small and medium-sized enterprises that make new capital investment while being affected by the COVID-19

Niseko Town will set the special rate to zero for the assets that have been expanded this time.

For details on the system and procedures, please see the website of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency below.
You can also check the "Introduction Promotion Basic Plan" of the town on the following page.


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