Information on dispatching experts to SMEs and small businesses affected by the new coronavirus infection


Information for dispatching experts

Under the commission of Hokkaido, the "New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases Management Management Support Center" dispatches specialists free of charge to small and medium-sized enterprises and small enterprises whose business is affected by the new coronavirus infection. doing.
We will support continuous business activities by dispatching specialists for each issue such as cash flow, employment environment, subsidies and benefits, and providing tailor-made advice and guidance.
For details, please see the following documents.

How to apply

1. WEB application
2.FAX application
3. Telephone application

For details, please refer to the site link below.

Contact address

〒060-8588 6th Kitajojo Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
Small Business Section, Small Business Division, Regional Economic Bureau, Economic Affairs Department

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