Notice of business hours change at Niseko station hot spring "Kiranoyu" and roadside station "Niseko View Plaza"

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To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we have changed the business hours of "Kiranoyu Niseko Station Onsen Kiranoyu" and "Roadside Station Niseko View Plaza". In addition, Kiranoyu is an irregular business due to construction work.
Niseko Town to prevent a new type of coronavirus infection expansion in, thank you everyone for your understanding and cooperation.


 ◎ Reduced business period April 29 (Wednesday) ~May 31 (Sun)   * Extension of period
〇 Business hours9:00 am to 11:00 am (last reception 10:30)
               6:00 pm-9: 30 pm (last reception 9:00)
* Bathing is not available from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
YesThe number of users is limited to townspeople or commuter pass users (excluding coupons and hot spring tour passes).
Niseko Town Please show what you can prove to the people.

〇 The sauna will not be available until May 31st (Sun), as the users will be in a more intimate condition.
〇 Please use the hall and community hall for a short time and do not eat or drink.
* Please keep the distance between users at least 2 meters.
* Maitrie can only be used for takeout.

 ◎ Irregular sales due to construction
Due to the construction of the Western-style bath, the following irregular periods will be open.
  ◆Tuesday, May 26-Thursday, May 28
〇 Due to the construction of the Western-style bath washroom, only the Japanese-style bath will be used.
      May 26 (Tue) 9 am-11am:FemaleLimited 6 pm-9:30pm:maleLimited
      Wednesday, May 27 closed
      5/28 (Thurs) 9 am-11am:maleLimited 6 pm-9:30pm:FemaleLimited

From Friday, May 29 to Friday, June 5* The period may change.
〇Sauna room for Western-style baths Because of the construction work on the ceiling, the sauna rooms for Western-style baths and open-air baths cannot be used.
     Western bathOnly indoor bath can be used. 

        〈お問い合わせ〉  ニセコ駅前温泉 綺羅乃湯  TEL 0136-44-1100

[Roadside station Niseko View Plaza]
Roadside station Niseko View Plaza will be closed and business hours will be shortened during the following period.

◎ Closed days (parking lot and toilet will be closed)
   From May 23 (Sat) to May 24 (Sun)  
* Closed parking: May 22nd (Friday) 6pm to 24th (Sunday) 4pm
From May 30th (Sat) to May 31st (Sun) * Parking lot closed May 6th (Friday) 6pm to 31st (Sunday) 4pm
* Tourist information will also be closed during closing, so please visit the tourist information center in JR Niseko Station when you need it.
     お問い合わせください。(TEL 0136-44-2468)
* Special products handled in the information plaza building (souvenir shop) can be shipped by ordering by phone.

◎ Shortened business hours, except for closed days, for the time being
  〇 Business hours9:00 am to 3:00 pm
* Food court hours may change at each shop.

* Tourist information will be available at the temporary counter in the Information Plaza Building until 6 pm after business hours.

        〈お問い合わせ〉 ニセコリゾート観光協会   TEL 0136-43-2051



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