Notification of cancellation of inhabitants briefing session based on the Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance and acceptance of questions (Fujimi, office, dormitory installation)


Kumagaya, Fudo Tetra, Miyasaka, and Hashimotogawa Island, which are currently conducting prior consultations with the town based on the Niseko Town Landscape Ordinance are being established by the "Construction consortium of the Hokkaido Shinkansen Yotei Tunnel (Arishima) and others. With regard to the business, considering the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, as a result of first considering the health and safety aspects of the participants and related parties, we decided to suspend the briefing session for residents based on the same regulations.
Therefore, we will inform you about the business outline as follows and make it possible to download the materials for the resident briefing session.
If you have any questions regarding the plan, please contact the person in charge below during the question acceptance period.

1 Building outline Address: Fujimi, Niseko Town
Uses: Office and lodging (prefab)
Structure: 1 story above ground, steel frame
2 Inquiries Kumagaya / Fudo Tetra / Miyasaka / Hashimoto Kawashima Specified Construction Work Consortium
Person in charge: Mr. Yoshida, Mr. Akiya
         TEL 0136-55-6461  

3 Reception period 2020 Until Friday, May 8

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