About result of inspection, opinion offer of the seventh Niseko Town social education middle term plan (plan)


As a result of conducting a general inspection and solicitation for the 7th Niseko Town Social Education Mid-Term Plan (draft) as described below, we will inform you that there was no opinion.

The plan is, 6th Niseko Town social education medium-term plan is 2019, but is intended to formulate a new plan from the fact that to end the period at the degree, 2019 on the basis of the advisory dated July 17 , Niseko Town performs a consultation by the social Education Committee 10 people, wide plan is summarized in terms of the opinion recruited from townspeople, 2020 was report from social education committee chairman to the Superintendent on February 5, . We will announce the plan based on the report this time.

◇ Publication period, etc.
(1) Period of inspection, etc. 2020 February 7, 2012 (Fri) to February 21, 2020 (Fri)
(2) the period of the opinion accepted and can 2020, February 7 (Friday) from 2020, February 21 (Fri.)

公 表 Publication of submitted opinion items
February 25 (Tue)
Where Niseko Town Board of Education Townsman Learning Division and town homepage

先 Inquiries about this inspection
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