Niseko Town was selected as the SDGs Future City in FY2018, and is working on sustainable development of a new block to respond to population growth.

Until now, we have explained the necessity, concept, buildings, energy supply, etc., and exchanged opinions about this block, while conducting community briefings, community development townsman lectures, and featured articles in public relations Niseko.

In this townsman lecture, what kind of methods will be used to maintain and manage this block, what kind of people will live, and then, what are the lifestyles and rules of this block? About what kind of community, self-government activity is done, we tell situation under examination and want to discuss with all of you.

Participation is free. No application is required.
Child care is also possible, so please contact us in advance if you wish.
There will also be an individual consultation corner. Please use it if you want to consult separately from the explanation, or if you want to check the contents in more detail.


Toki 2020 Wednesday, January 15, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (tentative)
Place Townsman Center Training Room 1

A video of the explanation of this project at the briefing held in September 2019 is distributed on the following page (middle section).
This video broadcast explains the necessity and concept of this block, buildings, energy, etc.

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