[Kiranoyu] Long-term closing notice (November 1st to December 20th)


Thank you for your patronageNiseko Ekimae Onsen Kuro NanuWill be closed on the following schedule for renovation work.
We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


2019 (2019) November 1st to December 20th (tentative)

Main construction contents

  1. Last year, we will work to draw hot springs from the newly excavated wells into the Kirano hot spring facility.
  2. We will replace some of the lighting fixtures in the hall with LED lighting.
  3. We will replace the cypress bath in the bathroom, the wooden wall, and the wood part of the sauna indoor bench.
  4. We will replace the Japanese-style bath dressing room, men's toilet, and the family bath ventilation fan.
  5. We will install a cogeneration system that uses LP gas as fuel (a device that produces electricity and heat) and a bulk tank that stores LP gas.
  6. Install a heat exchanger in the drain.

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