[Winter Closure] Niseko Camp, Goshiki Information Center

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A campsite at the Niseko Annupuri mountain trail that many people have used this season.“Niseko Camp”When"Goshiki Onsen Information Center"Will be closed in winter as follows, thank you for your understanding.

Niseko Camp: Closed on October 30th (Friday)

Goshiki Onsen Information Center: Closed on Monday, November 2nd

Please note that during the closed period, you will not be able to use toilets or water pumps.

The start of use next year will be after the spring thaw (around June), so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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● About Niseko Camp
電話 0136-44-2121(ニセコ町役場商工観光課)

● About Goshi Information Center
電話 0136-59-2200(直通)

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